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TMI Tuesday: August 23, 2011
TMI Tuesday: September 20, 2011
angel on a shoulder - devil on the other

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Exemplary Actions
The last day together a story from Tumblr

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Training of Serafina
Office Attire -Skirts and Heels
Time to move?

It's good to be here . . . .good to be ALIVE!!

Gnostic Christmas
it's hard to tie the argument down. . what is abuse?  
gold, glitter, shadows and wandering - some things...
Visions of Sugarplums .it is strongly suggested you do NOT read this post

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Your Right to Know
smell is like napalm
about all those quotes
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Damn if I don't hate Plagiarists.
monogamy or non-monogamy? that is the question . ....
can males properly internalize submission?

The Joy of Kink is Open

Joy of Kink Now Open New Home Please come join me at my new home... The Joy of Kink I'm joined there by some new friends... ...