Wednesday, April 27, 2016


There have been some redirection in the Samadhi Haus.  There has been a large gap of action here and for that I apologize.  I am going to do my best to continue the story, even as the primary writer is no longer here.

Master Michael Samadhi is saying he will continue to write for Joy Of Kink, and many of the articles he has written here are candidates for brush-up, rewriting and revision.  I would encourage you to check them out!  as the entries get an update- he will post a new link here for you to quickly follow.

Master Michael has expanded his interests to a fascination with cigars.  He is going to create a Cigar Magazine with a comprehensive data base of what is in his collection, do intensive reviews.  It's title is Cigar Notebook and as soon as this link is active it will be linked here too.

Becoming officially a Poly Community has had some life changing impacts.  I am sure they were not anticipated, but when you add more individuals whether by birth or choice to the existing dynamic it has to evolve.  Time is suddenly far more complex in the way it is apportioned.

Young couples are often the greatest group to realize that their plans for an addition was lacking in undertaking preparations.  oh most of them did see the need to prepare a space for the newcomer, they prepare with all the physical needs and requirements.  They are so excited for the prospects, but they somehow forgot to sit down and reflect to themselves, and to one another the cost and plan for emotional preparedness.

In being so focused on the natural things we have neglected the emotional and spiritual side of things.  I have begun a journey of reflection, and introspection.  Interesting that we only tend to do so when we feel close to desperation, however that seems the norm for many if not most.

That is, at least been the pattern for me.  When things don't go my way. or if my expectations and ambitions for life and living, I hunker down.  That is when I am not just lashing out, or stewing by myself.  Over the ensuing weeks I will journal my self- discovery.  I will be as truthful as I can be.  And I will do my best to honor the people in my life. Please know that I am just realizing and daring to admit that I have emotionally repressed anger for many years.  I am only now realizing this and I do not like the person I am right now, and I am endeavoring to correct.

I invite loving constructive interaction with you dear readers.  Privately, if you think it is appropriate.  Please refrain from negativity, there is enough to go around for that.  Perhaps others are struggling more- or less with similar issues.  In that case I invite you to join me on this path to loving and healing.  First our-self and then the rest!

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