Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Flight That Never Lands - Flying Passion's Embrace

the flight that never lands?

Flying Passion's Embrace


Not from altitude,

Nor the sweet champagne.

Flying from Love.  Flying from lust.

Flying because my head says we must.

Intoxicating passion.

Stripes from my cane.

The whip strikes again and again.

Flying from Love.  Flying from lust.

Flying because my heart says we must.

When she stares,

My vision is altered,

My senses beyond alert.

Flying from Love.  Flying from lust.

Flying because our fates say we must.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~
Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking.  
You are free to roam about each other's bodies.
I'm also here to announce, that this flight will never land!
          ~ M.M.Samadhi ~ 9/24/2014

The Flight That Never Lands - Flying Passion's Embrace  

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Stunning Serafina - The Art of Erotic Slavery

Stunning Serafina for Sinful Sunday

My apologies in advance to Molly on my verbosity this week.  

I've taken huge doses of cortisone drugs for a pinched nerve that sends shooting pain from my hip to my foot.  The kind of pain even a seasoned masochist couldn't enjoy.  

Prednisone in huge doses like that makes a person strange, so I've been compelled to write. My apologies if it offends your sensibilities, or anyone else's for that matter.  Please feel free, should you wish, to skip all my excess verbiage.  Just take in the beauty that is my sweet, wonderful, erotic slave.  

Sinful Sunday

Creating The Art of Erotic Slavery

Over at my Joy of Kink blog, I've started a series of posts I'm calling The Art of Erotic Slavery.

Essentially it's a place where I can show off my primitive photo editing abilities.  I don't claim any great ability.  I've just collected some plug-ins and software that can help me make my photographs look more like artwork.

Sometimes it works.  Sometimes I just muddy or muck up good pictures.  At least that's what Serafina has told me from time to time.

And there's a lesson in that for younger and less experienced dominants, at least I hope there is.  It seems I've observed some with what I'd call "top's disease", dominants who believe they are infallible.  Some, it seems, want to be treated like the Pope, or similar exalted figure, principles of infallibility included.

I will never ask Serafina to hold back her honest opinion.  I may ask her to choose a different time to tell me how I'm screwing up (I am fallible, trust me!).  I may ask her to express herself in a slightly different way.  But, I'll never ask her to simply stifle herself forever.

I want Serafina to learn and grow in her submission, without a doubt.  But, that's not to say that I can't still learn from her, and grow in my own expression and dominance.  If she's the only one to take constructive criticism, I can't ever be a properly balanced Yang to her Yin.

Two years ago my efforts to turn photos to art, to create my own portfolio showing the art of erotic consensual slavery, elicited occasional praise, but often also the statement, "It looks like you just kinda mucked up a nice photo there."

Believe it or not, I needed to hear that.  I needed to be pushed and challenged.  Rarely do we thrive without challenges, even if they are self created.  We all need that occasional push. Dominants too.

So, I've attached the original too. (below)  Perhaps I'm still just mucking up good pictures.  Perhaps not . . .

You tell me!  That's how we'll learn and grow together in the art of expressing all the delicious sinfulness we find in our lives everyday, and especially on Sinful Sunday.

See the way Serafina looks at me?  She may submit to me in every way, but who really captured whom?
Sinful Sunday

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