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Throwback Thursday Meets Boobday

It seems there are a number of different "Throwback Thursday" (an Internet theme day observed on Thursdays where people share old photographs of themselves via social networking sites and image-sharing communities, perhaps most notably through photo-sharing mobile app Instagram) traditions on the Internet, some a bit different than others.  Some required pictures more than four years old, which of course is a lifetime (or two) on the WorldWideWeb, where so many things seem to be absolutely ephemeral.
While I do have a few erotic images that Serafina and I captured during the earlier part of our relationship, it's been the last fifteen months that's seen us shoot ten thousand pictures.  The body of the work I have to share is relatively recent.  Although, to be honest, it does seem as though the picture I've selected for the Boobday theme of "hands" happened a lifetime ago.  So much has happened in our life in the last year, that it's hard to believe this picture is only from February, 2013 - about thirteen months ago.
In one sense, it is a blast from the distant past.  The friendship that spawned this play session has run it's course.  It feels like ancient history.  And, speaking of ephemeral, it was a one time event, just a very brief moment along our journey.
The model is a wonderful submissive lady named Kristen.  I met her at, although most of our communication was through FetLife and text.  At one time there were a few thousand texts with Kristen on my phone, our notes back and forth at FetLife got pretty extensive too.  We had great chemistry, and Serafina liked her very much too.  Of course, I knew that she was an owned slave, and I was always very respectful of the primacy of her relationship with her Master.  He got her undivided attention when home, she wrote me while her Master was at work.
It seemed, however, that I could help fulfill a side of Kristen that her Master wasn't well equipped to satisfy.  Kristen is a masochist.  She and her Master seemed to be a decent match in every way except for that detail, as he wasn't as much a sadist as she'd prefer.  I do have a sadistic side.  I only bring that aspect of myself out to play when it's wanted, but there's no doubting that side of me does exist.  Kristen asked me if I could do a heavy flogging scene that left her "broke", she wanted to be reduced to sobbing and tears.  I offered to oblige.
When she arranged to come visit last February, I was under the impression that her Master knew exactly what she'd asked me to do for her.  I mean seriously, what kind of submissive asks a dominant to do a scene on the more extreme side of things, knowing fully well the scene will be done in her Master's presence, and then doesn't tell her Master?  Of course I tried direct communication with the man, but he was not exactly what I'd consider to be a communicative person.  I'd write paragraphs, and I'd be lucky to get a sentence in reply.  Kristen always told me how hard he worked, and explained to me that he simply didn't have time for more, but said that he was very enthused about the visit.  I accepted that all verbatim.
After treating them to a home cooked supper when they arrived (I baked a Sirloin roast) we retired to the playroom.  At that point I actually thought everyone was on the same page.  Unfortunately, that wasn't really the case.
I could tell you all the details of the three hour flogging I gave Kristen, but I think that telling you that the flogging lasted three solid hours is probably enough.  I used everything in my collection on the girl, going back to the implements that cause the strongest sensations again and again.  I could see the end in sight, she was close to "breaking" - Kristin was on the verge of getting what she asked me for.  And then her Master called the scene.
Actually, it was Serafina who interrupted me first.  I was very much into my work, and she knew that.  Kristen's Master isn't the most communicative guy, to Serafina's eye it looked to her like he was just going to grab my flogger arm from behind to stop me, mid-scene.  Not knowing exactly how I'd react to that kind of interruption, Serafina was proactive.  She popped up suddenly to tell me that Kristen appeared dehydrated, that we needed a break for water.
I'm not sure if Serafina actually prevented an altercation or not, but it's likely.  In the heat of the moment, having my arm grabbed from behind . . . Well, it might have resulted in a instinctive reaction on my part.  If, unaware that anyone was coming up behind me, I might have instinctively spun and defended myself.  That's NOT a situation any of us wanted to come to pass.
It was pretty clear that Kristen's Master got jealous.  And, it's my strong believe that jealousy is based in insecurity.  As a couple they had played with other folks besides Serafina and I, but no one else had set him off like I did.  In the end, I suppose I understand why my play with his slave made Kristen's Master feel insecure.  I've been tying girls up for more than 30 years. I purchased my first flogger in 1989.  The reality is that I've been flogging ladies since her Master was seven.
I'm sure it was all complicated by the fact that, playing with Serafina that night, he'd had an orgasm less than 15 minutes into the evening in my slave's hand.  It caught her very much by surprise, as she's used to men with a little more self control . . .
So, all that back story is just the build up to tell you, my dear reader, that the image for this post is Kristen, getting her reward for taking a three hour flogging.  It wasn't the "reward" she has expected, as I'd been forced to stop short of leaving her a sobbing mess.  

While he mashed her breasts, I made Kristen scream with my tongue.  The screaming orgasms (where she asked me for permission instead of her Master) were more than consolation enough for my hard work.  I didn't even accept her offer to return the favor, as I didn't want to try her Master's patience any longer than necessary.  It seemed to me that fucking her mouth for the half hour it usually takes me to get off might have been a little much for him to endure . . .
In the end, the dynamics of playing with another couple are vastly more complicated than simply playing with one more individual.  I learned from the time spent with Kristen and her Master, and that is the biggest thing that came from their visit . . . 
Well, that and today's Boobday picture . . .

throwback thursday - lending a helping hand for boobday



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