Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New Fetish Clothes for Serafina

I recently put in an order for special fetish clothes for my sweet slave Serafina.  I was especially keen for her to look great for Kinky Kollege, so it's wardrobe with a flair.

The first item is a Cream Victorian style steel boned corset with a long sleeved jacket . . . 

The second item is the Lucetta corset dress . . .

And the third of the trio is the Juliet Black and Silver Brocade corset with adjustable strap.

Look for reviews of all three items in the near future over at MichaelSamadhi.com - the Joy of Kink.


  1. OOO I'm loving the last one in particular - Lucky Serafina

    L :)

    1. Yes indeed! I am so very blessed to have Michael as my Master! And I am proud to have him select my clothes, as he knows what looks good. I am sure I would have not asked for such nice things on my own- it is directly the credit to Master Michael.

  2. thank you - they are in and they are beautiful!


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