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Why Do Women Make More Noise Than Men During Sex?

I'm writing about acousticophilia over at, and wanted to add a little to the conversation here  The speaker in the video is Christopher Ryan, the author of “Sex at Dawn”.

Yes, I'm a nerd.  But, learning about the biology behind our behaviors (especially the sexual ones) has always fascinated me, it probably always will.  


A brief public service announcement . . .

What medieval profession are you?

It's a silly quiz, but both Laura Antoniou and Janet Hardy posted their results over on Facebook . . . I got "Hunter" - You are very precise and always speak straight to the point. You enjoy being on your own, completely independent and preferably in the fresh air of the woods. In medieval times, you were the one who put food on the table . . . What medieval profession are you?

More Triptych Fun With Friends

Inspired by the upcoming Sinful Sunday Triptych Competition (put on by the lovely and talented Molly, of Molly's Daily Kiss,) my slave/wife and I have been practicing with our techniques.
Over at the Joy of Kink, I unveiled one of our Triptych creations in a post named - You’ve Heard of Hitachi? Meet Mr Wahl!  That Triptych creation featured three different pictures put together to create a single whole.
This particular creation is different.  Instead, it's a single photo split into thirds. Featured in this shot are the absolutely darling Zarruis (she's the one wearing the pretty plastic wrap) as well as the handsome and talented nova3434, and yours truly sitting over on the left.
I'm nova3434's mentor, and I have to say he's an incredible student.  He takes the lifestyle very seriously, as well as continually practicing his art.  Some of his rope-work skills already exceed my own!
Zarrius is an absolutely adorable young lady who is also a "little". …

How Do You Judge?

Steak and BJ Day

Did you know it's Steak and Blow Job Day?

We had plans to meet friends at a steakhouse, but Serafina's under the weather.

What are you going to do to celebrate?

Throwback Thursday Meets Boobday

It seems there are a number of different "Throwback Thursday" (an Internet theme day observed on Thursdays where people share old photographs of themselves via social networking sites and image-sharing communities, perhaps most notably through photo-sharing mobile app Instagram) traditions on the Internet, some a bit different than others.  Some required pictures more than four years old, which of course is a lifetime (or two) on the WorldWideWeb, where so many things seem to be absolutely ephemeral. While I do have a few erotic images that Serafina and I captured during the earlier part of our relationship, it's been the last fifteen months that's seen us shoot ten thousand pictures.  The body of the work I have to share is relatively recent.  Although, to be honest, it does seem as though the picture I've selected for the Boobday theme of "hands" happened a lifetime ago.  So much has happened in our life in the last year, that it's hard to believ…

New Fetish Clothes for Serafina

I recently put in an order for special fetish clothes for my sweet slave Serafina.  I was especially keen for her to look great for Kinky Kollege, so it's wardrobe with a flair.
The first item is a Cream Victorian style steel boned corset with a long sleeved jacket . . . 
The second item is the Lucetta corset dress . . .

And the third of the trio is the Juliet Black and Silver Brocade corset with adjustable strap.

Look for reviews of all three items in the near future over at - the Joy of Kink.

service = satisfaction (for all)

My friend Alpha is obviously tickled by Serafina's sincere service.

I'm not sure, however, which of them looks more satisfied . . .