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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

TMI Tuesday

Pet Names & Body Parts
pet nicknames

1. Do you give pet names to anything? (e.g. Significant other. Car. Breasts. Penis. Vagina.)
My significant other has a title, rather than a pet name- I call him "Master"!
2. Is there a pet name that you can’t stand being called?
Anything that represents humiliation.  Having a shy and introverted personality I don't do well with humiliation.
3. Has your body ever done something that you didn’t understand? Even if it was a ‘first time’ something happened? 
I had no idea what squirting was- until Master had me discover my G-spot.  Alas!  I have zero self-control.  It just happens, LOL!
4. Which body part do you spend the most time on? (grooming, applying, etc.)
My pussy parts when I am allowed>  I epilate- no razors! when ever I have permission.
5. The name of the best lover you’ve ever had.
Master Michael Samadhi!
6. Have you ever taken an ex back?
No and pretty sure he wouldn't reciprocate either!
Bonus: What’s your biggest concern in the world today? 
Maintaining a great relationship and communication with my Master.
Global financial survival, and wars and terror. 
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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Play Sisters!

All about the women?

That's really next week's prompt!  Nothing like getting a head-start!

Today I am featuring some play with an engaging and lovely masochist friend, Dione12.  We always have such fun when we get together . . .

Join us, along with all the other Sinful Sunday Participants and please remember to visit Master's blog too - Joy Of Kink

Sinful Sunday
One last thing before you go I can’t urge you enough -please comment on people’s Sinful Sunday posts.  No matter whether you are a fellow blogger, or a reader of their work, I can assure you that all the people who leave their links for SinfulSunday want to hear what you have to say, myself included!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

flash back from the past!

Sinful Sunday 176
 One of the first times I met my wonderful Master Michael.

See and comment on what others are posting follow the link below!

Sinful Sunday

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Flight That Never Lands - Flying Passion's Embrace

the flight that never lands?

Flying Passion's Embrace


Not from altitude,

Nor the sweet champagne.

Flying from Love.  Flying from lust.

Flying because my head says we must.

Intoxicating passion.

Stripes from my cane.

The whip strikes again and again.

Flying from Love.  Flying from lust.

Flying because my heart says we must.

When she stares,

My vision is altered,

My senses beyond alert.

Flying from Love.  Flying from lust.

Flying because our fates say we must.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~
Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking.  
You are free to roam about each other's bodies.
I'm also here to announce, that this flight will never land!
          ~ M.M.Samadhi ~ 9/24/2014

The Flight That Never Lands - Flying Passion's Embrace  

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Stunning Serafina - The Art of Erotic Slavery

Stunning Serafina for Sinful Sunday

My apologies in advance to Molly on my verbosity this week.  

I've taken huge doses of cortisone drugs for a pinched nerve that sends shooting pain from my hip to my foot.  The kind of pain even a seasoned masochist couldn't enjoy.  

Prednisone in huge doses like that makes a person strange, so I've been compelled to write. My apologies if it offends your sensibilities, or anyone else's for that matter.  Please feel free, should you wish, to skip all my excess verbiage.  Just take in the beauty that is my sweet, wonderful, erotic slave.  

Sinful Sunday

Creating The Art of Erotic Slavery

Over at my Joy of Kink blog, I've started a series of posts I'm calling The Art of Erotic Slavery.

Essentially it's a place where I can show off my primitive photo editing abilities.  I don't claim any great ability.  I've just collected some plug-ins and software that can help me make my photographs look more like artwork.

Sometimes it works.  Sometimes I just muddy or muck up good pictures.  At least that's what Serafina has told me from time to time.

And there's a lesson in that for younger and less experienced dominants, at least I hope there is.  It seems I've observed some with what I'd call "top's disease", dominants who believe they are infallible.  Some, it seems, want to be treated like the Pope, or similar exalted figure, principles of infallibility included.

I will never ask Serafina to hold back her honest opinion.  I may ask her to choose a different time to tell me how I'm screwing up (I am fallible, trust me!).  I may ask her to express herself in a slightly different way.  But, I'll never ask her to simply stifle herself forever.

I want Serafina to learn and grow in her submission, without a doubt.  But, that's not to say that I can't still learn from her, and grow in my own expression and dominance.  If she's the only one to take constructive criticism, I can't ever be a properly balanced Yang to her Yin.

Two years ago my efforts to turn photos to art, to create my own portfolio showing the art of erotic consensual slavery, elicited occasional praise, but often also the statement, "It looks like you just kinda mucked up a nice photo there."

Believe it or not, I needed to hear that.  I needed to be pushed and challenged.  Rarely do we thrive without challenges, even if they are self created.  We all need that occasional push. Dominants too.

So, I've attached the original too. (below)  Perhaps I'm still just mucking up good pictures.  Perhaps not . . .

You tell me!  That's how we'll learn and grow together in the art of expressing all the delicious sinfulness we find in our lives everyday, and especially on Sinful Sunday.

See the way Serafina looks at me?  She may submit to me in every way, but who really captured whom?
Sinful Sunday

Sunday, May 11, 2014

the night ended with a pile of shredded clothes . . .

AlphaBull, Serafina Samadhi, and an anon friend in the foreground, are the dramatis personæ in this image from Novermber 2013 captured by Michael Samadhi.

Yes, that's a very sharp machete being used to remove Serafina's clothes.

Sinful Sunday

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sex Scandle

This was floating around and was too cute not to share!  It is amazing how all the faces that have been in a sex scandal look alike!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

When we kiss . . . Fire!

If you've been reading my other blog, posts like “R” is for Romance and Energy Antennae, you'd know I'm not just talking about Serafina these days when I dedicate a song about kisses being like fire!

Dedicated to Serafina, my slave, my wife, and my beloved.
And, dedicated to Sinnja, our new love, who accepted a collar of consideration from me this past weekend.

Our hugs, as a trio, light the night sky, like a pillar of flame.
And when we kiss . . . mmmmmm FIRE!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

quote du jour

"If a woman's body were a web browser, nipple play would be my home page."
     ~ Michael Samadhi
Pinching is the Kink of the Week.

The quote du jour is just a "witticism" I came up with as I wrote about the topic over at the Joy of Kink.

Please, join in on the Kink of the Week fun, and tell the world what you think about pinching.

Kink of the Week

Monday, March 31, 2014

Why Do Women Make More Noise Than Men During Sex?

I'm writing about acousticophilia over at, and wanted to add a little to the conversation here  The speaker in the video is Christopher Ryan, the author of “Sex at Dawn”.

Yes, I'm a nerd.  But, learning about the biology behind our behaviors (especially the sexual ones) has always fascinated me, it probably always will.  

Monday, March 24, 2014

What medieval profession are you?

It's a silly quiz, but both Laura Antoniou and Janet Hardy posted their results over on Facebook . . . I got "Hunter" - You are very precise and always speak straight to the point. You enjoy being on your own, completely independent and preferably in the fresh air of the woods. In medieval times, you were the one who put food on the table . . . What medieval profession are you?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

More Triptych Fun With Friends

Michael Samadhi, Zarruis, and nova3434 (from left to right)

Inspired by the upcoming Sinful Sunday Triptych Competition (put on by the lovely and talented Molly, of Molly's Daily Kiss,) my slave/wife and I have been practicing with our techniques.

Over at the Joy of Kink, I unveiled one of our Triptych creations in a post named - You’ve Heard of Hitachi? Meet Mr Wahl!  That Triptych creation featured three different pictures put together to create a single whole.

This particular creation is different.  Instead, it's a single photo split into thirds. Featured in this shot are the absolutely darling Zarruis (she's the one wearing the pretty plastic wrap) as well as the handsome and talented nova3434, and yours truly sitting over on the left.

I'm nova3434's mentor, and I have to say he's an incredible student.  He takes the lifestyle very seriously, as well as continually practicing his art.  Some of his rope-work skills already exceed my own!

Zarrius is an absolutely adorable young lady who is also a "little".  Her Mother was active in the lifestyle as she was growing up, so she's also wise beyond her years when it comes to BDSM and kink.  Zarrius is also an accomplished equestrienne!

Sinful Sunday

Friday, March 14, 2014

Steak and BJ Day

Did you know it's Steak and Blow Job Day?

We had plans to meet friends at a steakhouse, but Serafina's under the weather.

What are you going to do to celebrate?

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Throwback Thursday Meets Boobday

It seems there are a number of different "Throwback Thursday" (an Internet theme day observed on Thursdays where people share old photographs of themselves via social networking sites and image-sharing communities, perhaps most notably through photo-sharing mobile app Instagram) traditions on the Internet, some a bit different than others.  Some required pictures more than four years old, which of course is a lifetime (or two) on the WorldWideWeb, where so many things seem to be absolutely ephemeral.
While I do have a few erotic images that Serafina and I captured during the earlier part of our relationship, it's been the last fifteen months that's seen us shoot ten thousand pictures.  The body of the work I have to share is relatively recent.  Although, to be honest, it does seem as though the picture I've selected for the Boobday theme of "hands" happened a lifetime ago.  So much has happened in our life in the last year, that it's hard to believe this picture is only from February, 2013 - about thirteen months ago.
In one sense, it is a blast from the distant past.  The friendship that spawned this play session has run it's course.  It feels like ancient history.  And, speaking of ephemeral, it was a one time event, just a very brief moment along our journey.
The model is a wonderful submissive lady named Kristen.  I met her at, although most of our communication was through FetLife and text.  At one time there were a few thousand texts with Kristen on my phone, our notes back and forth at FetLife got pretty extensive too.  We had great chemistry, and Serafina liked her very much too.  Of course, I knew that she was an owned slave, and I was always very respectful of the primacy of her relationship with her Master.  He got her undivided attention when home, she wrote me while her Master was at work.
It seemed, however, that I could help fulfill a side of Kristen that her Master wasn't well equipped to satisfy.  Kristen is a masochist.  She and her Master seemed to be a decent match in every way except for that detail, as he wasn't as much a sadist as she'd prefer.  I do have a sadistic side.  I only bring that aspect of myself out to play when it's wanted, but there's no doubting that side of me does exist.  Kristen asked me if I could do a heavy flogging scene that left her "broke", she wanted to be reduced to sobbing and tears.  I offered to oblige.
When she arranged to come visit last February, I was under the impression that her Master knew exactly what she'd asked me to do for her.  I mean seriously, what kind of submissive asks a dominant to do a scene on the more extreme side of things, knowing fully well the scene will be done in her Master's presence, and then doesn't tell her Master?  Of course I tried direct communication with the man, but he was not exactly what I'd consider to be a communicative person.  I'd write paragraphs, and I'd be lucky to get a sentence in reply.  Kristen always told me how hard he worked, and explained to me that he simply didn't have time for more, but said that he was very enthused about the visit.  I accepted that all verbatim.
After treating them to a home cooked supper when they arrived (I baked a Sirloin roast) we retired to the playroom.  At that point I actually thought everyone was on the same page.  Unfortunately, that wasn't really the case.
I could tell you all the details of the three hour flogging I gave Kristen, but I think that telling you that the flogging lasted three solid hours is probably enough.  I used everything in my collection on the girl, going back to the implements that cause the strongest sensations again and again.  I could see the end in sight, she was close to "breaking" - Kristin was on the verge of getting what she asked me for.  And then her Master called the scene.
Actually, it was Serafina who interrupted me first.  I was very much into my work, and she knew that.  Kristen's Master isn't the most communicative guy, to Serafina's eye it looked to her like he was just going to grab my flogger arm from behind to stop me, mid-scene.  Not knowing exactly how I'd react to that kind of interruption, Serafina was proactive.  She popped up suddenly to tell me that Kristen appeared dehydrated, that we needed a break for water.
I'm not sure if Serafina actually prevented an altercation or not, but it's likely.  In the heat of the moment, having my arm grabbed from behind . . . Well, it might have resulted in a instinctive reaction on my part.  If, unaware that anyone was coming up behind me, I might have instinctively spun and defended myself.  That's NOT a situation any of us wanted to come to pass.
It was pretty clear that Kristen's Master got jealous.  And, it's my strong believe that jealousy is based in insecurity.  As a couple they had played with other folks besides Serafina and I, but no one else had set him off like I did.  In the end, I suppose I understand why my play with his slave made Kristen's Master feel insecure.  I've been tying girls up for more than 30 years. I purchased my first flogger in 1989.  The reality is that I've been flogging ladies since her Master was seven.
I'm sure it was all complicated by the fact that, playing with Serafina that night, he'd had an orgasm less than 15 minutes into the evening in my slave's hand.  It caught her very much by surprise, as she's used to men with a little more self control . . .
So, all that back story is just the build up to tell you, my dear reader, that the image for this post is Kristen, getting her reward for taking a three hour flogging.  It wasn't the "reward" she has expected, as I'd been forced to stop short of leaving her a sobbing mess.

While he mashed her breasts, I made Kristen scream with my tongue.  The screaming orgasms (where she asked me for permission instead of her Master) were more than consolation enough for my hard work.  I didn't even accept her offer to return the favor, as I didn't want to try her Master's patience any longer than necessary.  It seemed to me that fucking her mouth for the half hour it usually takes me to get off might have been a little much for him to endure . . .
In the end, the dynamics of playing with another couple are vastly more complicated than simply playing with one more individual.  I learned from the time spent with Kristen and her Master, and that is the biggest thing that came from their visit . . . 
Well, that and today's Boobday picture . . .

throwback thursday - lending a helping hand for boobday


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New Fetish Clothes for Serafina

I recently put in an order for special fetish clothes for my sweet slave Serafina.  I was especially keen for her to look great for Kinky Kollege, so it's wardrobe with a flair.

The first item is a Cream Victorian style steel boned corset with a long sleeved jacket . . . 

The second item is the Lucetta corset dress . . .

And the third of the trio is the Juliet Black and Silver Brocade corset with adjustable strap.

Look for reviews of all three items in the near future over at - the Joy of Kink.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

service = satisfaction (for all)

My friend Alpha is obviously tickled by Serafina's sincere service.

I'm not sure, however, which of them looks more satisfied . . .

Sinful Sunday

Friday, February 28, 2014

National Handcuff Day Has Come and Gone

I Bet You Missed This Kinky Holiday Too?

File this under, "Better late than never".  Alternately, it could just as easily be filed as "Just wait 'till next year!"
February 20, 2014 should have been a special day for kinksters all across our fair land.  That was the official observance of National Handcuff Day.
I wouldn't kid about such a thing.  Really, I wouldn't.  Seriously.  I mean, it's for real.  (At least as real as a holiday sponsored by a handcuff manufacturer and a handcuff retailer can be made to look.)
In fact, February 20, 2014 wasn't the first National Handcuff Day, nor was it the second.  Last Thursday's Holiday was actually the 4th annual National Handcuff Day!
Who'd have thought, right?
According to the website (told you I wasn't completely spoofing) the holiday was created because:
There are National days for donuts, potato chips, silence, clam chowder, and the Tooth Fairy, so why not a National Handcuff Day? Handcuffs are a necessity in a modern society. Police, jails, prisons, and other law enforcement agencies could not function without the modern handcuff. They are easy to use, reusable, and inexpensive. Also, there are many collectors who try to preserve the history of handcuffs, and escape artists have entertained people for over 100 years trying to escape from them.
I guess that makes sense to me. How about you?  I wasn't aware of donuts day, nor potato chips day.  Today, Feburary 28, is actually National Tooth Fairy Day.  Although I'm told some celebrate that particular Holiday on August 22nd.  I'm not sure what the mix up there, maybe Tinkerbelle had issues with the United Brotherhood of Fairies or something, but I'm sure there's a story.
When they talk about there being a Clam Chowder day, I can't help myself from asking:  Do they mean New England Clam Chowder or Manhattan Clam Chowder?  I don't know the answer, but would hope there's a day for each. (I used to be a chef, what can I say?)
National Handcuff Day's website goes on to say:
It's on this date in 1912 that the US Patent office issued patent 1,017,955 to George A. Carney for a "swinging bow ratchet - type" adjustable handcuff. Before that handcuffs were heavy and bulky and there was no standard style. Carney's design was always ready and was light weight compared to older models. Since that patent, most modern handcuffs around the world have been made with the same swing through design, with minor modifications. The Carney Patent was bought by The Peerless Handcuff Company of Springfield, Mass., and the first models were manufactured for them by Smith & Wesson.
Peerless Handcuff Company is so serious about National Handcuff Day that they sponsor a giveaway contest associated with the day.  How cool is that?  
Like I said at the top, file this under better late than never, and get ready for next year!

 Kink of the week for Feb 24 thru Mar 2: Handcuffs.  Click the icon below to see who is is getting their kink on this week.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Butt Druming

If you didn't know I am a drummer and percussionist and love making music.  It should be no surprise then that I could stumble across someone as enthusiastic and passionate about rhythms could find some fetish drums to play!

And here is another- Enjoy! and don't forget to also look us up at JOY of KINK!


hand picked and hand fed

Don't you love it, when a slave is literally eating from your hands?

Sinful Sunday is all about the image.  Click the icon and see who else is Sinful this Sunday.
Sinful Sunday

Sunday, February 16, 2014

sexy cigar art for Sinful Sunday

I was under the weather earlier today, so I asked Serafina to fill in at where she created a great post for Sinful Sunday - Restrained and Waiting at the Kinky Kabin.

So, I found myself feeling better tonight, with this wonderful cigar play image.  I could not bear just sitting on it for next week's Sinful Sunday.  I hope it's not an egregious offense for a couple to post two different images for a single Sinful Sunday, at least the posts are at two different domains ...

Sinful Sunday
Come be part of Sinful Sunday yourself, or click the icon and see who else is playing today.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine Musings . . .

A friend of mine, a truly sweet and adorable girl btw, wrote yesterday at FetLife bragging about her Daddy.
Tulips in the living, bath and bedroom. A cute card for his babygirl, a meaningful card for his partner and a single chocolate.
I was honestly impressed . . .

My response?
That's so beautiful! Now I feel like a slacker for only getting my slave two teddy bears and a three-way . . .

Friday, January 31, 2014

floggers and football

 Just think how many floggers could be made out of all the leather used for footballs each year . . .

btw - if we seem a little absent here these days, it's because we've moved! is our new primary home.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

see me @

We're moving! is going to be Michael and Serafina's primary residence on the web.
Don't go away, this blog will still be active, we will continue to post tasty tidbits here.  In fact, those post will likely appear frequently than over the last year, as we've returned to blogging again more seriously. . . .

It was time to go get a self hosted blog, as I'd long been frustrated by the limitations of blogger format.  Blogger is a fine medium, but it's basic.  Lacking the ability to add widgets and other features offered for WordPress, I find myself wanting the additional control.

What dominant doesn't want more control?

Saturday, January 18, 2014

BDSM at Top Universities

The top two news stories today in a Google News search for the term BDSM are stories from illustrious college newspapers!

Washington DC's own George Washington University, in their independent student newspaper, The GW Hatchet, posted Where are GW's kinksters? Campus BDSM crowd needs to come together on January 13th.  That's currently the top news story for BDSM on Google!

Coming in at #2 is The Stanford Daily's article OMG BDSM, which refers to the Kardinal Kink, which appears to be Stanford's own underground BDSM organization.

College is a time for exploration, kudos to the brave students and the brave newspapers for their explorations of kink!

The Joy of Kink is Open

Joy of Kink Now Open New Home Please come join me at my new home... The Joy of Kink I'm joined there by some new friends... ...