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kinky shopping heaven

Oh my dear friends and readers, it was a glorious day on Friday, as Serafina and I road tripped to IML2013 for kinky shopping. Our destination was the Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile (yes it's a pretentious hotel name - don't blame me, I'm just the reporter) where IML2013's vending area was waiting.

With nary a cloud in the vast blue mid-western sky, the drive up was absolutely beautiful. Of course my lovely slave/wife Serafina was a delight to converse with as I drove. I really do cherish our rides together, as we often spend our time talking without any outside distractions, and that kind of time is truly priceless.

I don't think I missed any toolbooths on the way up (that might not have been the case on the way home in rush hour traffic) and outside of the usual heavy traffic one encounters in downtown Chicago, the trip was essentially uneventful.

We found secure all day parking for just $10 (just as mushroom hunters don't give up their prize pat…

a tribute to merinthophiliacs . . .

I write, at least in part, because I love words and word play.  So, imagine my great joy at discovering a new word that equates with being a lover of bondage!

Merinthophilia is now officially declared the "word of the day" here at Samadhi House!

Believe it or not, there's even a Facebook page for merinthophiliacs!

I should also add that Serafina "suffers" from merinthophilia.  In a recent discussion she expressed her true love for rope bondage.  Apparently, for Serafina anyway, there is a special "energy" from rope that simply isn't recreated with leather straps and restraints.