Tuesday, April 30, 2013

let me count the ways . . .

"There are a hundred ways to kneel and kiss the ground." 


It's easy to talk about the BDSM aspects of my relationship with serafina, it's harder to talk about the spiritual side of things.  I don't suppose that's going to change overnight, but it is a goal for this blog to have a greater focus on that aspect of our BDSM practice.  

To my mind, it's easier to see the spiritual side of service, the dominant aspect is perhaps a bit harder and more obscure to embrace.  That's something I occasionally struggle with as a dominant.  I feel a little bit like the old bluesmen, who were sure that their passion would land them in hell.  I guess there's some consolation there, in that at least I'd find good company there!


  1. Oddly, mouse is at the opposite end; struggling with the spiritual side and embracing service.

    Totally interested to hear your thoughts or serafina's thoughts on it.


    1. Dear mouse

      Spiritual is a state of being. I believe that we are spiritual beings first and in that state we are having a human experience- in all that entails.

      Being a submissive, dominant, service, or slave and all the many ways we classify and label ourselves is all part of finding and being Human.

      Our desire to find completeness, happiness, and fulfillment is, in my opinion, compelled because we have a conscienceless. It is why we are at the top of the food chain, because the animal kingdom lives by instinct alone.

      I am sure that there are those who disagree, however that is what I have concluded thus far in my life. I can not speak on behalf of anyone, not even Master Michael; and this is a huge and endless and bottomless topic - one that takes a lifetime to explore and discover.

      This is skeletal explanation so I hope that it helps just a little. Others are free to offer their views and opinions.


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