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Last year when the whole 50 Shades of Grey phenomena was exploding, before I knew anything about the books other than their popularity and that they included some elements of BDSM, I gave Serafina an assignment to read the books.  I can't say it ended up being a favorite assignment for either one of us, as I had to read the books myself, and I can't say that I'm personally a fan of romance novels, which is where I'd categorize 50 Shade of Grey and it's sequels.

I'd also previously asked my slave/wife to read Laura Antoniou's Marketplace series, but she found the initial premise to be objectionable, as she found the entire concept of preparing a slave (even a consensual one) for the auction block to be more than a little bit personally distasteful.  I've long been a fan of Antoniou's writing, and have always considered the Marketplace books to be the epitome of good BDSM literature.

Just over a week ago, on Feburary 24th, I reassigned The Marketplace to Serafina for her reading lessons, asking her to get beyond her personal prejudice against a human being sold at an auction, asking her to remember that in the fictional world of the Marketplace the individuals she'd be reading about had chosen their paths quite willingly.

I'm pleased to report that my darling slave/wife has not only completed The Marketplace (including the bonus short stories included with the kindle edition) but is deep into it's sequel, The Slave.  Another year of immersion in the lifestyle has broadened her perspective enough so that she's now enjoying the series very much.

Serafina gives her submission and service to me out of love, so the thought of a slave needing to be a slave so badly that they'd essentially be willing to be auctioned off to a term of service will always be a bit foreign to her, of that I am sure.  I never found the concept disturbing, in fact if such a thing as the Marketplace had existed in real life, I'd have found a way to seek it out.  I would have aspired to be a trainer . . .

Daydreams aside, I'm rather gratified that Serafina is enjoying her current reading assignments, so gratified I wanted to share it here.  I can't even begin to say how much it pleases me to see her grow in her acceptance and understanding of all things BDSM, it makes my heart feel young again.


  1. Very nice...Will ask Daddy about that one (he monitors mouse's reading because of that 50 shades nonsense that sent mouse into a tizzy....


    1. Always good to see you around mouse! I don't think there's anything Omega would find objectionable, nor anything to send you into a tizzy . . . :)

      The Marketplace starts a little bit slow IMHO, it takes a few chapters to get to know the characters enough to really get into it all, but to my mind it's the best BDSM fiction (novels) I've found . . .

      Big hugs to you,

  2. "as she found the entire concept of preparing a slave (even a consensual one) for the auction block to be more than a little bit personally distasteful."

    As humans, we should find this premise distasteful, horrific in fact. The "even a consensual one" indicates that your statement includes non-consensual ones. As in, preparing a non-consensual slave for the auction block... The idea of that should be horrifying. The fact that it is the reality for any person, many people, takes it from the realm of an imaginary horror to something we should recognize as an evil that does exist.

    Yes, it is fiction. I can read, for instance, rape fantasy stories and be affected, turned on even, but i retain a measure of discomfort with the fact that, even though what i am responding to is fiction, rape is not at all fiction for many, many people. Outside of fiction, outside of consensual non-consent or scenes, rape is an overwhelming reality and there is nothing right about it.

    Human trafficking, human slavery is a real evil in the world. When we read about it in a fictionalized, lifestyle, even with consent and choice added in by the author, context we ought to remain uncomfortable with the idea of selling human beings.

    1. Did you really say that?


      What's that old saying about assumptions?

      Either you are quite dense, or you are deliberately reading my statement wrong. I've not said (nor implied) anything at all about non-consensual slavery, and for you to imply otherwise is greatly offensive to me.

      If you have problems with the use of the term 'slave' in a BDSM context, that's your problem not mine. I'm not going to debate semantics. The term is commonly used in the BDSM community, if you want to go on some kind of crusade on that issue, this is not the place to start.

      Real slavery and human trafficking are abhorrent. To equate anything I said, or anything in the Marketplace books, in any manner shape or form with non-consensual slavery is just flat out wrong. Terribly wrong . . .

      I'm not going to let anyone imply I support human trafficking simply because I read a popular fictional BDSM series. I'm greatly offended at your implications, and suggest that you think twice before again stepping into another person's "house" to unleash an off-topic political diatribe that's so far out of the context of what I've written and what this blog is about, that it's simply beyond pale.


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