Thursday, January 24, 2013

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"Bad BDSM is much like any other kind of bad sex and for the same reasons. Good BDSM is much like any other kind of good sex and for the same reasons. If either is impersonal and done by the numbers, it will disappoint. If either is done with real feelings, passion and a sense of connection, it will deliver beyond expectations.

Kink isn't the key factor here. It's the ability to connect with another human being."
    --  Ernest Greene
Ernest Green has been part of the BDSM community as long as I can remember, so it's a privilege to have him as a friend on FetLife, where I continually find him offering observations worthy of "breadcrumbs" . . .


I find myself posting here very rarely these days, for which I apologize to you, my dear reader.  There's more than enough juicy and titillating tidbits to share happening here between Serafina and myself, I just never seem to find the time (or motivation) to write.  I believe it's a case of writer's block, mixed in with a measure of seasonal depression, flavored with a tinge of distraction.



  1. Interesting food for thought

  2. Glad to see you posting - I was feeling worried this evening as I came to check your blog. And whatever the reason for the absence and return, am very pleased to see you still around and kicking it.


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