Wednesday, January 30, 2013

now THAT's a love bite . . .

I don't suffer from erectile dysfunction (at least not yet - I'd imagine as men age it's an issue we'll all face someday if we live long enough) so I can't help but snickering a little at this information about the Brazilian wandering spider, purported to be among the most venomous of it's kind . . .
The Brazilian wandering spider is one of the most venomous spiders in the world (currently listed in the Guinness World Records as *the* most venous spiders), but luckily their fangs are poorly adapted for attacking mammals so the bite is unlikely to kill you. Instead, if you're a man you'll sport a very painful erection for several hours.
Our friends at Pfizer and Lily ain't got nothin' on Mother Nature . . .

And please remember, my dear reader, as per TV commercials for Viagra and Cialis . . . For erections lasting more than four hours, please seek immediate medical attention!


  1. Ooooh wow! (giggles)

    Missed ya!


  2. lol! that funny.... but lets say a nice thanks to our friends at Pfizer... we are very grateful to the millions of dollars they have spent here at our house.