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like opening pandora's box . . .

a peak into the Samadhi toy cabinet . . .

R.I.P. Jeff Gord

Jeff Gord - a master, a BDSM pioneer, a visionary, a hero to many, and a true BDSM artist passed from this world earlier this week on September 3rd. Jeff was the genius behind the House of Gord - a site devoted to ultra bondage and Forniphilia.

While he's listed among my Fetlife friends, I can't say that I was privileged to have met Jeff in person. Our only contact was a few brief messages exchanged via mail here and at (believe it or not) tumblr. Yet, I can honestly say he touched my life, and even left a visible reminder of that contact, something that's very meaningful to me.

You see, Jeff Gord recommended the craftsman who created the custom collar that's going to be placed around Serafina's neck at our collaring ceremony in October. I can very safely say that without Jeff pointing me that way, I never would have found the German craftsman who created a piece of jewelry that's also a very special symbol of my Master / slave relationship with my Serafina.


The Journey of a Flawed Slave

A number of times I have been halted and stunned to have someone say to me or question whether at heart I am a submissive slave. Those times have in the past arrested me and I likely looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Mostly because when some questions my validity or integrity, I am not sure of how to answer that. 
Many feel that I am undertaking this journey into slavery purely out of love and commitment to my Master. As if that is such a bad motive! Of course that is the case! If it were not for Master Michael, I would never have considered this level of relationship, but the fact that he was committed to me spoke very strongly to me and I was compelled to it like a moth to a flame.

I have never been satisfied with conventional answers- I always have a deep need to understand more than accepted answers to life and questioning the validity of those. It often gets me in trouble. As a Christian one is taught all the rules are to be obeyed without question…

kinky shopping heaven

Oh my dear friends and readers, it was a glorious day on Friday, as Serafina and I road tripped to IML2013 for kinky shopping. Our destination was the Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile (yes it's a pretentious hotel name - don't blame me, I'm just the reporter) where IML2013's vending area was waiting.

With nary a cloud in the vast blue mid-western sky, the drive up was absolutely beautiful. Of course my lovely slave/wife Serafina was a delight to converse with as I drove. I really do cherish our rides together, as we often spend our time talking without any outside distractions, and that kind of time is truly priceless.

I don't think I missed any toolbooths on the way up (that might not have been the case on the way home in rush hour traffic) and outside of the usual heavy traffic one encounters in downtown Chicago, the trip was essentially uneventful.

We found secure all day parking for just $10 (just as mushroom hunters don't give up their prize pat…

a tribute to merinthophiliacs . . .

I write, at least in part, because I love words and word play.  So, imagine my great joy at discovering a new word that equates with being a lover of bondage!

Merinthophilia is now officially declared the "word of the day" here at Samadhi House!

Believe it or not, there's even a Facebook page for merinthophiliacs!

I should also add that Serafina "suffers" from merinthophilia.  In a recent discussion she expressed her true love for rope bondage.  Apparently, for Serafina anyway, there is a special "energy" from rope that simply isn't recreated with leather straps and restraints.

let me count the ways . . .

"There are a hundred ways to kneel and kiss the ground." 

It's easy to talk about the BDSM aspects of my relationship with serafina, it's harder to talk about the spiritual side of things.  I don't suppose that's going to change overnight, but it is a goal for this blog to have a greater focus on that aspect of our BDSM practice.  
To my mind, it's easier to see the spiritual side of service, the dominant aspect is perhaps a bit harder and more obscure to embrace.  That's something I occasionally struggle with as a dominant.  I feel a little bit like the old bluesmen, who were sure that their passion would land them in hell.  I guess there's some consolation there, in that at least I'd find good company there!

25 question meme - Michael's

This is one of the memes that has been making it's rounds of the blogosphere, I've observed it on several differnt blogs, so I can't even say for sure where I first saw it

1. Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?
The simple answer is - both . . .
Samadhi House is a fairly cozy place, especially so because we have far more furniture than fits comfortably (long story) so some closets have had their doors removed for simplicity, convenience, and ease of access.  All closets with doors are closed when not actively in use - isn't that the point of having doors?

2. Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotel?
Of course!  The products are brought home and placed in a box where the sit forgotten.  Once every ten years (or so) the box is emptied, and the cycle begins anew.  I think Serafina does actually use the products occasionally, or she did before we started using Dr Bronners soaps.

3. Do you cut out coupons but then never use them?
I don't g…


“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.”
   --  Carl Jung

making hay

Last year when the whole 50 Shades of Grey phenomena was exploding, before I knew anything about the books other than their popularity and that they included some elements of BDSM, I gave Serafina an assignment to read the books.  I can't say it ended up being a favorite assignment for either one of us, as I had to read the books myself, and I can't say that I'm personally a fan of romance novels, which is where I'd categorize 50 Shade of Grey and it's sequels.

I'd also previously asked my slave/wife to read Laura Antoniou's Marketplace series, but she found the initial premise to be objectionable, as she found the entire concept of preparing a slave (even a consensual one) for the auction block to be more than a little bit personally distasteful.  I've long been a fan of Antoniou's writing, and have always considered the Marketplace books to be the epitome of good BDSM literature.

Just over a week ago, on Feburary 24th, I reassigned The Marketplac…

Kid, we don't like your kind, and we're gonna send you fingerprints off to Washington.

There's a lot of debate going on at Fetlife right now about freedom of speech.  The debate was sparked in light of the decision to place stronger limits on what cannot be posted and discussed at this site. This decision was taken after Fetlife lost their credit card processor, a result of hosting discussions on some subjects that are taboo.

One vocal group in the debate has been the coprophiliacs - They resent being lumped together with the pedophiles, zoophilics, and incest fetishists. I've also read a few rumblings from the zoosexual folk that they resent being lumped together with the pedophiles too.  The incest lovers don't really want to be associated with pedophiles either, at least that's my understanding.  Apparently being a pedophile is like farting in church - nobody wants to sit next to you!

I almost feel it necessary to insert a disclaimer here, saying that I don't partake in any of those activities, they are p…

Falling for Ice Storms and Undeserved Reputation

Don't like the weather?

Well then just stick around, it'll change!

One of the significant joys of living in the Midwest is the weather extremes we see.  Sitting the the middle of a vast continent, with no significant bodies of water nearby to moderate temps and weather effects, we get to see Mother Nature as an extremely variable and rather capricious Goddess . . .

Today's adventure with weather was an ice storm.  We'd been gone for the weekend, off visiting the couple we are mentoring.  They live about an hour and a half from us, so it's not a terribly long drive, but it's not close enough for casual visits, especially when time seems to simply evaporate when we are together.

What seems like 45 minutes of play often turns out to have taken two or three hours.  I guess the old adage about time flying when having fun has more than a little measure of truth.  Lots of incredible fun was had by all, including Serafina's first efforts at rope bondage with anot…

Quote, news, etc.

"Bad BDSM is much like any other kind of bad sex and for the same reasons. Good BDSM is much like any other kind of good sex and for the same reasons. If either is impersonal and done by the numbers, it will disappoint. If either is done with real feelings, passion and a sense of connection, it will deliver beyond expectations.
Kink isn't the key factor here. It's the ability to connect with another human being."
    --  Ernest Greene Ernest Green has been part of the BDSM community as long as I can remember, so it's a privilege to have him as a friend on FetLife, where I continually find him offering observations worthy of "breadcrumbs" . . .

I find myself posting here very rarely these days, for which I apologize to you, my dear reader.  There's more than enough juicy and titillating tidbits to share happening here between Serafina and myself, I just never seem to find the time (or motivation) to write.  I believe it's a case of writer&…