Thursday, November 8, 2012

pick a number . . .

Warning - Graphic Image

Well my friends and dear readers, Ive got good news and bad news.  And, I've also learned a valuable lesson these last couple of weeks, that if I don't sit down and write up a scene, the fine details might just escape me 10 or 12 days later when I try to recall all the fine erotic details.  Serafina and I have been very active "playing" lately, so in my defense, I have to say that a lot of our scenes from the last month sort of blend together in my mind.  

It's been a glorious time filled with a lot of discussions, truly laying our souls bare to each other, wine and cheese picnics together in bed, bondage, spankings, floggings, nipple and ass play.

What I do remember of the particular evening in question . . . 

We started this scene with Serafina bound to our dungeon bed with leather wrist, ankle and thigh cuffs.  With a sly grin, I asked my slave wife to kindly to pick a number between one and ten.

She groaned, but then chose the number nine.  So, nine became the number of orgasms she would experience with a pair of metal NJoy plugs filling her.  

I got her thru the first four with my fingers, rocking the plugs gently inside her, rubbing her clit with a thumb or forefinger, whichever was most handy at the moment.  Orgasms five thru nine were accomplished with a Lelo wand working her clit (occasionally buzzing the plugs too) while I continued to rock and jostle the plugs filling my slave/wife's pussy and bum.

I wish I could remember all the hot dialogue that accompanied this play session, I've tried and all that remains in my mind are just snatches (please excuse the bad pun.) That's the bad news.

The good news is - I do have more than just my memory for a record of what happened  . . . 


  1. I am blown away by your picture, oh gods I don't even have words :) Stunning.

  2. OK I just gotta say, this does it for me wayyyy more than the slugs :)
    You are beautiful serafina.
    Im so happy you two are enjoying some quality Master/slave time :)

  3. She is lovely, I am truly blessed! Thanks for the well wishes Renee, we really are enjoying our time together to it's fullest!

    1. ooops - I thought I was signed in on this laptop - but Serafina was signed in instead - rest assured that my lovely wife wasn't complimenting herself . . .

  4. So glad to hear you're having wonderful time.

  5. Now that looks (and reads) like it was a whole lot of fun! I am so glad for both of you :)

    xx Dee

  6. Thanks Dee! you are most gracious, and we consider you our friend.


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