Monday, November 19, 2012

it's electric!

It was electric.


Yes, my dear reader, Serafina and I have been experementing with adding electro-stim to our play.

We've explored this area a little in the past with some products from Paradise Electro Stimulations (PES) but found their control box to be rather limited.  It was ok, but we knew we could do even better . . .

Well, Santa Claus came early to the Samadhi household, as a package from UPS showed up on our doorstep last week containing the ErosTek ET312B, the electro stim control device of my dreams.

In just our second time playing with the machine, I was able to induce in my darling Serafina a "hands free orgasm."  Yes indeed, with nothing more than the ErosTek control unit, an electric acrylic plug from PES called the Stanley Junior, and a TENS unit, I was able to make my slave/wife beg for permission to orgasm.  By her third orgasm, she openly said she was losing control, and wouldn't even be able to ask for permission in time before the sensations overtook her, again and again.

Now for the disclaimers - NEVER use electro-sex machines without a good working knowledge of electricity and it's potentially deadly effects on the human body.  Never use electro-stim above the waist, and never NEVER NEVER ever use it in a manner where even the most minute current could effect the heart muscle.  Better still, make sure all your initial explorations are in the hands of a trusted expert.

My interest in electricity in general began when I was in Junior High.  By High School, for extra credit in my Physics class, I was assigned small electrical devices the school had been unable to repair, and was expected to return them to working order.  Readers that know me also know I got straight A's in that class.  I was the kid who ruined the curve for everybody else in most every class I took, including Physics.

I've studied electro-stim in a sexual setting for over a decade, my copy of "Juice" by Uncle Abdul (the only real book I've found on the subject) is well worn, dogeared, and well understood.  Additionally, Serafina and I both have working experience with TENS units and similar going back to when they were first released as medical devices. 

In other words, I'm qualified to play with this stuff, barely.  If your qualifications aren't at least as extensive as my own - DO NOT TRY ELECTRO-STIM.


  1. Great post...thank you for sharing your expertise. This is something we've always wanted to explore.

  2. I have to tell you how exciting it was to play, and how safe I feel.


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