Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Spanksgiving!

Now that most of you are more stuffed than a turkey- we hope- and satisfied and happy.  Most people celebrate the holiday with family, and Master Michael and myself are our family, as we have no one other.  And, that's OK!

We celebrated Spanksgiving.  Really!  Master always believes that it is more blessed to give than to receive. And that means I'll be on the receiving end of things, spank-you very much!

We began the day as a normal one, having eggs and toast for breakfast, futzing away most of the morning.  We had a snack about noon, and went for a short drive to go for a short walk in a nearby woods.  The plan was to find a secluded spot to bend me over a stump, rock, or log and get a nice red spanked ass.

We arrived at small local park hoping to have unlimited privacy.
as we drove into the parking area we saw 2 cars- not real good.  We stepped out of the vehicle, and walked just a bit and encountered a family- opps!  And it began to drizzle,which soon became heavier.

Reluctantly we turned back to leave, but we thought we'd go for a bit of a drive anyway.  We  soon found ourselves in a good downpour, even though there were clearing skies ahead of us.

Suddenly we were out of the deluge and came upon an out-of-the-way boat launch and we turned in.  No cars. Good!  We walked up an over-grown path to reach an area that was suitable and found what we were looking for  A fallen log in a bit of a gully.

Master reached it first foraging a path for me to follow.  I noticed he picked up a branch and welded it like it was a cane.  There was a gleam in his eye.  As soon as I came to his side he told me to take down my pants.  "Down to your ankles!"


I just did as I was told and he pushed me over to bend over the log.  From there he admired the view and snapped pictures.  Then began the swats.  They reigned down heavy and hard with an occasional break to finger my pussy or trace my red ass. It was delisch.


Without a word Master fucked me there and then and told me how spankful he is to have found me.  I replied "spank you very much, Master!  Happy Spanksgiving!"

Soon we were on our way back home to enjoyed a delicious steak grilled to perfection by Master.  Our side was fresh steamed broccoli. Perfect meal, as we are both working on getting healthier and leaner.

We hope you all have had a most wonderful Spanksgiving day!! 

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