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spanksgiving day (redux)

Serafina recently wrote up a description of our Spanksgiving Day celebration, and while it's wonderful, it should be said that my own version of those events carries a significantly different tone and flavor.  Please consider her's to be the sliced turkey for your Spanksgiving day festivities, and mine to be the cranberry relish you serve alongside . . .  I spent the last summer looking for places to act out various outdoor BDSM styled fantasy scenarios that I dream. Wildlife management areas and remote river access points being among my favorites. Although they are heavily used during part of the year, they usually offer solitude at other times, as long as you have a plan of where and when to go.

Yesterday, while most folks were sliding up to the table with relatives to eat too much food, I bundled up my slave/wife, Serafina, into my truck and headed off to find outdoor adventure. We started hiking at one area, a state park, looking to end up along a secluded stream bank whe…

My Gift to my Master.

I hand you my control,  my desires,  and my dreams. I belong to you alone,  and offer all my trust, And promise to keep  growing with you.

Happy Spanksgiving!

Now that most of you are more stuffed than a turkey- we hope- and satisfied and happy.  Most people celebrate the holiday with family, and Master Michael and myself are our family, as we have no one other.  And, that's OK!

We celebrated Spanksgiving.  Really!  Master always believes that it is more blessed to give than to receive. And that means I'll be on the receiving end of things, spank-you very much!

We began the day as a normal one, having eggs and toast for breakfast, futzing away most of the morning.  We had a snack about noon, and went for a short drive to go for a short walk in a nearby woods.  The plan was to find a secluded spot to bend me over a stump, rock, or log and get a nice red spanked ass.

We arrived at small local park hoping to have unlimited privacy.
as we drove into the parking area we saw 2 cars- not real good.  We stepped out of the vehicle, and walked just a bit and encountered a family- opps!  And it began to drizzle,which soon became heavier.


it's electric!

It was electric.


Yes, my dear reader, Serafina and I have been experementing with adding electro-stim to our play.

We've explored this area a little in the past with some products from Paradise Electro Stimulations (PES) but found their control box to be rather limited.  It was ok, but we knew we could do even better . . .

Well, Santa Claus came early to the Samadhi household, as a package from UPS showed up on our doorstep last week containing the ErosTek ET312B, the electro stim control device of my dreams.

In just our second time playing with the machine, I was able to induce in my darling Serafina a "hands free orgasm."  Yes indeed, with nothing more than the ErosTek control unit, an electric acrylic plug from PES called the Stanley Junior, and a TENS unit, I was able to make my slave/wife beg for permission to orgasm.  By her third orgasm, she openly said she was losing control, and wouldn't even be able to ask for permission in time before the sensa…

pick a number . . .

Warning - Graphic Image
Well my friends and dear readers, Ive got good news and bad news.  And, I've also learned a valuable lesson these last couple of weeks, that if I don't sit down and write up a scene, the fine details might just escape me 10 or 12 days later when I try to recall all the fine erotic details.  Serafina and I have been very active "playing" lately, so in my defense, I have to say that a lot of our scenes from the last month sort of blend together in my mind.  
It's been a glorious time filled with a lot of discussions, truly laying our souls bare to each other, wine and cheese picnics together in bed, bondage, spankings, floggings, nipple and ass play.
What I do remember of the particular evening in question . . . 
We started this scene with Serafina bound to our dungeon bed with leather wrist, ankle and thigh cuffs.  With a sly grin, I asked my slave wife to kindly to pick a number between one and ten.
She groaned, but then chose the number n…

Sluggish Sex

If you are feeling like our blog has been a bit sluggish in sexy, slippery and juicy posts, you are correct.

  We did take a break from writing here but we have been very active in the bedroom and many other places besides the bedroom. But we will be far more active now that there is less travel weather.

We will have some surprizes for our readers, which will be exciting to journal. For now watch this clip and enjoy whatever path it leads your mind to. We even believe creation is beautiful in sex. Enjoy!