Monday, October 15, 2012

Rock Island Rendevous

 While Master had to do a job that didn't need me helping him I was walking around a local city park taking pictures of the riotous fall glory.

Photo by Serafina

Earlier in the morning I had donned a skirt and nice blouse to go to the office with him, and pulled on some nice tall boots.  Just before we arrived however he turned to me and with his serious voice commanded me to remove my panties.

I did so without a word.  He took them from me and commented to himself "Well, I suppose these are to big to walk into the building with them in your mouth" - and handed them back all wadded up. I stuffed them in my jacket pocket.

Later Master asked where they had been put and when I told him, he wanted to see.  I pulled them and he seized them and stuffed them into his pocket.  We walked together quietly, while I was super aware of my nakedness under my black velvety skirt.  As I got my space set up Master growled at me to pick up my filthy underwear, and not act like the slut I am.

I turned to follow his gaze and there on the floor was my underwear.  I bent over and calmly picked them up.  Master reached for them and stuffed them into his pocket.  Every time he went up to the other offices he had his hand in his pocket.  I was wondering if he might flash them. . .  .

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