Friday, October 19, 2012

Exploring . . .

Port Louisa National Wildlife Refuge - picture by Serafina
Serafina and I have been exploring lately . . .

Yes, my dear reader, you might find my statement rather obvious, as we've been posting a small sample of the scenic pictures we've taken this fall.  And yes, we've been driving, hiking and exploring our continent's heartland.  It's all right out our back door, all of the pictures are taken at locations within a couple hours drive of where we live.

And it's true, the fall colors are exceptional this year, and we wanted to share some of the Midwest's understated natural beauty.  But at the same time, our physical explorations might also serve as an excellent metaphor for what's happening with our relationship.

Over the last year, I've observed Serafina's submission deepening and growing, just as her physical/sexual response to my dominance has continued to to increase as well.  It's not surprising really, as I also feel more assured in my own power and leadership.  So it seems natural for our relationship to grow at the same time, and it certainly has.

Direction is normally the domain of the dominant, as they are the individual with the greatest ability to give real direction to a BDSM relationship.  And, it's true that Serafina endeavors to fulfill my desires and fantasy to the best of her abilities.  I mean, there aren't many men who sleep most every night in a dungeon bed that's part of a full scale playroom that's almost certainly the centerpiece of our home.

But, it's also true that I see myself more as a gardener than a dictator.  Gardening is about providing a proper nurturing environment for something to grow, and in my vision that's as valid a role for a dominant as any other I've seen offered.

Yes, as Master, I do have metaphorical pruning shears in my hands, I can (and do) prune unwanted branches to promote those I desire.  The art of bonsai was considered an honorable hobby for warriors in some eastern cultures, it also seems (to my taste) to be a suitable metaphor for the role of a dominant.

We all come to relationships with a tangle of branches (otherwise called baggage.)  It's the Master's role to turn those twisted brambles into a thing of beauty.  I look at Serafina glowing as she's sitting by my side in her new corset.  She's reveling in her submission, and in belonging to a strong man she loves.  I'm reveling in the beauty of the relationship I've shaped.

I'm also reveling in the future possibilities that have been facilitated by deep (and sometimes difficult) discussions of fantasy and desire.  We're very strongly considering starting to look for an individual with desire to submit to Serafina and myself as her dominants.  There's a cage built under our dungeon bed for a reason, and it's not for storage!

Just as the two-track path in the picture that began this post seems to draw me into the picture and down the path, I also want to see what's around the bend for my lovely slave/wife and I.


  1. This was a great post. I love the deep colors of fall in your picture. Indeed, the colors in the mid-west have been exceptional. I think the metaphor of Dom to Art of Bonsai was inspired. You and Serafina seem to have cultivated a well rooted foundation with potential for beautiful buds in your future. Good luck.

    1. Oh Yes!! they have been exceptional for sure! Compared with last year- well that's no comparison- last year they all got blown off before the color.
      Thanks for the comment and the compliment!


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