Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Yes, the leaf was really THAT yellow. 
Serafina and I have once again returned from another camping trip, this one just a four day jaunt to the confluence of the Wisconsin and Mississippi Rivers, where among other attractions you'll find Effigy Mounds National Monument.

It was a cold weekend, with high temperatures never getting out of the low 50's and nights below freezing.  Cold weather camping isn't a problem for me, but the overcast skies didn't make for particularly good picture taking.

The fall colors, however, were outstanding!
Overlooking the Upper Mississippi River Valley
Wyalusing State Park - Wisconsin
Despite the cold we did manage hot kinky sex in a crowded campground, my hand clamped down had on my slave's mouth, making her cum again and again until she forgot who she was, let alone where she was. The look in her eyes when I reminded Serafina that there were only walls of canvass surrounding us . . . priceless!


  1. Wow, the fall colors are wonderful. I LOVE fall! Mmmmmmm, orgasms in a tent-yea!!!!

  2. Thanks for the lovely fall picture...those of us in Florida face green, green, and more green with a touch of brown thrown in for good measure. Still waiting for temps to cool off.


    1. I have never seen a fall like this one this year.
      Last year was a complete wash out no colors- just dull.


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