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Happy Halloween!

We have been skipping around the area we live, exploring good hiking places.  We even postponed creating our play-space for the summer as well.  The one thing we didn't forget was to play, and play we have.

Now it's time to get back in the saddle again, as we gear up for the colder weather.  And Fall and cooler temps also mean a number of holidays are just days away.  Master Michael and I wish you a safe and very fun Halloween.  And we will get back to blogging more frequently again.

We intend to do some costume shopping right on the day after, as there are fabulous fantasy ideas for all year round.  At least, that is what I am hoping for as I fall short in the imagination department.

Which really begs a question of our readers-  How do you dream up fantasies that might be fun to play with latter?  Please help me out here!

Thank you,

Exploring . . .

Serafina and I have been exploring lately . . .

Yes, my dear reader, you might find my statement rather obvious, as we've been posting a small sample of the scenic pictures we've taken this fall.  And yes, we've been driving, hiking and exploring our continent's heartland.  It's all right out our back door, all of the pictures are taken at locations within a couple hours drive of where we live.

And it's true, the fall colors are exceptional this year, and we wanted to share some of the Midwest's understated natural beauty.  But at the same time, our physical explorations might also serve as an excellent metaphor for what's happening with our relationship.

Over the last year, I've observed Serafina's submission deepening and growing, just as her physical/sexual response to my dominance has continued to to increase as well.  It's not surprising really, as I also feel more assured in my own power and leadership.  So it seems natural for our …

Rock Island Rendevous

While Master had to do a job that didn't need me helping him I was walking around a local city park taking pictures of the riotous fall glory.

Earlier in the morning I had donned a skirt and nice blouse to go to the office with him, and pulled on some nice tall boots.  Just before we arrived however he turned to me and with his serious voice commanded me to remove my panties.

I did so without a word.  He took them from me and commented to himself "Well, I suppose these are to big to walk into the building with them in your mouth" - and handed them back all wadded up. I stuffed them in my jacket pocket.

Later Master asked where they had been put and when I told him, he wanted to see.  I pulled them and he seized them and stuffed them into his pocket.  We walked together quietly, while I was super aware of my nakedness under my black velvety skirt.  As I got my space set up Master growled at me to pick up my filthy underwear, and not act like the slut I am.

I turned to fo…


Serafina and I have once again returned from another camping trip, this one just a four day jaunt to the confluence of the Wisconsin and Mississippi Rivers, where among other attractions you'll find Effigy Mounds National Monument.

It was a cold weekend, with high temperatures never getting out of the low 50's and nights below freezing.  Cold weather camping isn't a problem for me, but the overcast skies didn't make for particularly good picture taking.

The fall colors, however, were outstanding!
Despite the cold we did manage hot kinky sex in a crowded campground, my hand clamped down had on my slave's mouth, making her cum again and again until she forgot who she was, let alone where she was. The look in her eyes when I reminded Serafina that there were only walls of canvass surrounding us . . . priceless!

oh yes!