Monday, August 27, 2012

weekend report . . .

Our weekend included a day's worth of truck repairs that included a new muffler as well as shocks and struts, an expensive proposition for a Friday.  We managed to fit some urban hiking into the day, and we did get to observe a dancer walking her dogs when the wooded path we were taking brought us out behind a strip club.

Saturday found us on a trip to Oakbrook Terrace to visit a REI store to grab some camping and hiking gear we needed for our excursions to explore the Driftless Area.  While I've got baseball caps galore, neither one of us had a decent wide brim had to keep sun off our neck and ears, a must for hiking in the sun.  That wardrobe hole, as well as some other essential camping needs are now filled.

Sunday was supposed to be a day of resting, although the agenda did include a corset test fitting.  Delicious Corsets is creating a custom corset for Serafina, and their custom corset manufacturing process includes a fabric "mock up" being sent to my slave/wife for a test fitting.

Serafina took some photos of her test fitting, but I'm not sure where they are at right now, I know a cd-rom was burnt to return to the manufacturer with those photos.  I'll let Serafina share the photos later if she chooses.  With that in mind, I'll temporarily turn this into a food blog, and illustrate today's post with a picture of lunch . . .
Bratwurst (cooked in beer) with grilled onion by Michael Samadhi


  1. Oh I just hate car repairs but what can you do; at least you got some hiking in. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the corset, I have never tried one on before.

  2. I had a lot of thoughts about this post in general but they all went out the window when I saw the picture. That looks glorious! Thanks for sharing.