Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Getting into corsetry

Not always as easy as it looks but looks super sweet when it is worn.  I have such a barrel shaped trunk and I really wish it would conform to the desired hour-glass curves.  Master Michael has generously offered a custom- designed corset.  We chose Amy Delicious who has an excellent reputation.  We had approached 3 others who had excuses or didn't bother to return emails and calls.  One was too busy with orders.

Amy delivers!  After sending her the initial measurements she sent a mock up to try on. So here I am feeling quite awkward in a self-portrait for the record.  my intention is to continue to lose the weight and get in shape.  Just in time for a renewed zeal to  take up nature hiking after a very long hiatus.  We expect a few new aches and pains that will hopefully diminish over time as we get more fit.  After all, who wants to get old and decrepit?


  1. WOW - thanks for sharing the pic! It is beautiful...can't wait to see the final corset :)

  2. is this your first corset? i am guessing it is :)

    i have quite a fetish for corsets... and have about 6 different ones ... i have one that is latex and looks like a newspaper -i think that one is my favourite. Unfortunately since i was sick last year i hardly wear them anymore - or at least not for long - as they irritate my tummy :(

    i hope you will post a pic of the final corset when you get it:)


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