Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Getcha vibes here . . . or . . . Relish the moment

Oh! hot diggity, dog ziggity boom, what'cha do to me,
It's so new to me, what'cha do to me,
Hot diggity, dog ziggity boom, what'cha do to me,
When you're holdin' me tight!

Trojan (best known for condoms) spent $10.5 million advertising it's Trojan Vibrations line of sex toys last year, but never seemed to get the attention and media buzz that giving away vibrators from hot dog carts in New York City has earned them this week.
On Wednesday and Thursday, Trojan Vibrations, a line of sexual enhancement devices, will hand out 10,000 free vibrators from two hot dog carts identified as pleasure carts. Along with the brand’s logo, the carts will feature sayings like “Getcha vibes here!” and “Relish the moment.”
   New York Times - A Surprise in a Hot Dog Cart
Not only did this promotional stunt earn a mention in the New York Times, it also garnered a story in the NY Daily News and AVN.  It's said that the total retail value of the two different styles of vibrators Trojan will hand out is $350,000, making it the largest vibrator giveaway in history.

It's said that the Trojan Vibrations line of sex toys are featured for sale in Wal-Mart's all across america, but they've yet to show up here in our neck of the woods. (Yes, I looked.)

And I guess that's the real news here.  Not only can the "mommy porn" crowd pick up their E.L. James trilogy at "Wally World", now they can get some help for their one handed reading at Wal-Mart too.

And here I thought the days of purchasing sex toys from places filled with sleazy characters under harsh fluorescent lights was a thing of the past . . . 

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  1. I heard even the Anne Rice beauty series is for sale at TARGET now, of all places! Craziness!


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