Friday, August 10, 2012

everything's better naked . . . even voting . . .

And now, for a brief message from Michael . . . 

From the Armchair Patriots blog . . .

I was originally going to write an essay about the importance of this November's election here in the US, about the need for people to study the issues and vote according to their conscience.  I was going to ask you to support candidates who support your sexual freedoms.

But, while some sexual freedoms may be at stake in this election, I don't think with my dick, and I don't vote with my cock either.  And, for fuck's sake, what good would it do to try and tell you, my dear reader, which candidates I support?  Who the hell is going to base their precious vote on information found at a BDSM blog anyway?


Just remember this . . . 

When the spectacle of the 2012 Olympic games is complete, network television will focus (albeit briefly) on the two party's nominating conventions, where we will be assailed with lots and lots of propaganda.  And, while political commercials are already omnipresent here in Iowa (a swing state in most Presidential elections these days) - the real deluge will begin after Labor Day.

Propaganda, propaganda, propaganda, it's going to be everywhere, almost inescapable.  It's up to you what to do with it, or about it, even deciding to ignore it all entirely is a choice and a statement in it's own right.  I plan to watch a lot of Netflix this fall, I'm catching up on a number of series I never saw because I never bothered to get cable for my TV until I got cable for my computer.

My mind's already made up, and ignoring all the huffing and puffing over the next three months might make it so I won't be throwing up before election day from internalizing all the bullshit we are induced to read, hear and view.  However you decide to deal with it all is up to you . . . everybody needs to find their own mechanisms to cope with the madness.

But please do endure the madness somehow, and please do vote, it's both a right and a responsability!


  1. My mind is too made up on who I'm supporting...everyone needs to check the truthfulness of the propaganda ads that will hit us. Politics is so dirty these days. I use, and to verify statements. Then I can use the information to refute some of the ridiculous emails I get from friends. Try not to argue but I hate with intense emotion the dishonesty that is presented to the American people in the name of 'winning'. Most politicans are NOT out for us, the American public, but have only one thing in loyalty and WIN at any cost.


    1. I did not know about those links, so thank you! I too get so weary of all the rubbish out there. Just want to live in peace. . . ya know?


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