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Our blog's one year anniversary passed quietly earlier this month, unnoticed even by the blog's authors.  I'd hate to say we are oblivious right now, but that does seem to be the case.  Serafina and I are preoccupied with a number of different things.

I guess that's sometimes how life ends up, passing by, leaving you feeling a little bit like you are watching it go by while you sit behind glass in a greyhound bus.  It's something I need to snap out of, I'm not a "leave the driving to us" kinda guy.

Today is another anniversary, it's been one year since my Mother's passing.  If you are feeling sensitive today, or perhaps you simply don't wish to read about death, this is probably a good time to stop reading . . .

I was looking back at the blog, and I saw my post about being under the weather on the 29th last year.  I was home with what I thought was a flu bug (I've since realized it's just the peak of ragweed season and it leaves me…

Getting into corsetry

Not always as easy as it looks but looks super sweet when it is worn.  I have such a barrel shaped trunk and I really wish it would conform to the desired hour-glass curves.  Master Michael has generously offered a custom- designed corset.  We chose Amy Delicious who has an excellent reputation.  We had approached 3 others who had excuses or didn't bother to return emails and calls.  One was too busy with orders.

Amy delivers!  After sending her the initial measurements she sent a mock up to try on. So here I am feeling quite awkward in a self-portrait for the record.  my intention is to continue to lose the weight and get in shape.  Just in time for a renewed zeal to  take up nature hiking after a very long hiatus.  We expect a few new aches and pains that will hopefully diminish over time as we get more fit.  After all, who wants to get old and decrepit?

TMI - 8/28/2012

TMI Tuesday - Michael's None Night Stand Edition 1. Have you ever initiated a booty call?  Not exactly.  The closest I've come is when the ex and I would have Cherub over for a LSD fueled evening of absolute debauchery.  The scenes would usually last for hours and would include spankings, floggings and bondage, so I'm thinking that's a little bit beyond your average "booty call".

 2. Have you ever accepted a booty call?  No actual call was ever involved, but a former girlfriend who I've since nicknamed "pain and misery" was notorious for showing up on my doorstep (usually a little drunk) for sex for at least a couple of years after we formally broke off the relationship.

 3. Ever had a “friend with benefits” relationship? How long did it last? Are you still friends or acquaintances with that person? Are you still having sex with that friend?  Well, my first wife and I had steady sex with each other for two or three years after our divorce, altho…

weekend report . . .

Our weekend included a day's worth of truck repairs that included a new muffler as well as shocks and struts, an expensive proposition for a Friday.  We managed to fit some urban hiking into the day, and we did get to observe a dancer walking her dogs when the wooded path we were taking brought us out behind a strip club.

Saturday found us on a trip to Oakbrook Terrace to visit a REI store to grab some camping and hiking gear we needed for our excursions to explore the Driftless Area.  While I've got baseball caps galore, neither one of us had a decent wide brim had to keep sun off our neck and ears, a must for hiking in the sun.  That wardrobe hole, as well as some other essential camping needs are now filled.

Sunday was supposed to be a day of resting, although the agenda did include a corset test fitting.  Delicious Corsets is creating a custom corset for Serafina, and their custom corset manufacturing process includes a fabric "mock up" being sent to my slave/wif…

about last night . . .

Just before bedtime last night I paddled my Serafina's behind with a couple of nice leather implements from my collection, not to mention using my bare hand for about 15 minutes.  In the end (pardon the bad pun) her ass cheeks glowed nicely.

Then, I had slave/wife ride me in a reverse cowgirl position so I could admire my handiwork as she humped, before I finally had Serafina turn around and taste her own juices on my cock.  As usual, she blushed nicely afterwards when I kissed her and commented that her mouth tasted just like her pussy.

I guess this quickie post is my way of saying that while I've not felt inspired to write much lately for our blog, my slave/wife certainly isn't suffering from any lack of attention!

Histoire d'O

quotes from the author Today.s post dear reader is nothing more than a simple collection of quotes from magazine and newspaper interviews with Dominique Aury, the woman who wrote the Story of O under the pseudonym Pauline Réage.  Interestingly, it turns out that the name Dominique Aury is itself a pseudonym, the author's actual real name was Anne Desclos.
"Who I am finally, if not the long silent part of someone, the secret and nocturnal part which has never betrayed itself in public by any thought, word, or deed, but communicates through subterranean depths of the imaginary with dreams as old as the world itself?"       ~~ Dominique Aury "I wasn’t young, I wasn’t pretty, it was necessary to find other weapons."       ~~ Dominique Aury
"I think that submissiveness can [be] and is a formidable weapon, which women will use as long as it isn’t taken from them."       ~~ Dominique Aury  “Is O used by René and Sir Stephen, or does she in fact use them, an…

the point is loving and serving, and owning and mastering, not hurting . . .

one supposes remarkable fulfillments may occur in such an arrangement . . .  I've got good news and I've got bad news for you, my dear reader.  The bad news is that it seems that I have the blues, I'm feeling them hard, teetering on the brink of a very real and serious depression.  That's the bad news anyway, it's not the end of the world, but I'm not very productive in terms of writing when I feel this way.
The good news is that one way I deal with depression is to immerse myself in studies and reading, so it's not like I'm sitting immobilized and staring at the walls.  By giving my mind something to ponder and work upon, by feeding my head, I'll eventually snap out of my funk, at least that's normally the prescription to resolve my own bouts of depression.
Here is one of the fruits from my reading, an excerpt of an interview with John Norman, creator of Gor.  I'm not sure that Norman understands real world BDSM as it's practiced today…

sexual freedoms sacrificed at the altar of cheap beef

I regret that my message today is not more "sex positive", unfortunately there is news that doesn't always allow me the luxury.  Yes indeed, I am about to recount the tale of our sexual freedoms (among other things) being sacrificed at the altar of cheap beef . . .

More and more infectious disease organisms are developing antibiotic resistance these days, something I've seen first hand as an antibiotic resistant strain of pneumonia was the primary cause of my Mother's death last year.  So, it should come as no great surprise when we learn that sexually transmitted diseases are part of that trend, as the Atlantic reported last week in an article titled Here It Comes: Super Gonorrhea.

Did you know gonorrhea can kill you? It can, and it's also tragically effective at making women infertile. According to her journals, my great aunt Mabel was "barren," and my grandmother always told me it was probably from gonorrhea. The only reason we don't hear abou…

Good Girls Go to Heaven, Bad Girls Go Everywhere - RIP Helen Gurley Brown

"A million times a year I defend my covers.  I like skin, I like pretty.  I don't want to photograph the girl next door."
    ~~  Helen Gurley Brown Helen Gurley Brown, author of “Sex and the Single Girl” and former editor of Cosmopolitan magazine, died yesterday at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center after a brief illness. She was 90 years of age.
By turns celebrated and castigated, Ms. Brown was for decades a highly visible, though barely visible, public presence. A tiny, fragile-looking woman who favored big jewelry, fishnet stockings and minidresses till she was well into her 80s, she was a regular guest at society soirees and appeared often on television. At 5 feet 4, she remained a wraithlike hundred pounds throughout her adult life. That weight, she often said, was five pounds above her ideal.
Ms. Brown routinely described herself as a feminist, but whether her work helped or hindered the cause of women’s liberation has been publicly debated for…

history of the french maid

Last year when I purchased a nice "french maid" costume for Serafina I was just buying into cliched sexual stereotypes for fun and games.  Now, after discovering the following video on YouTube, I know the history behind why the costume is a pop cultural icon . . .

Although it might not have forwarded her academic standing any, it's my opinion that the narrator should have been dressed in a sexy french maid costume herself!

everything's better naked . . . even voting . . .

And now, for a brief message from Michael . . . 
From the Armchair Patriots blog . . .

I was originally going to write an essay about the importance of this November's election here in the US, about the need for people to study the issues and vote according to their conscience.  I was going to ask you to support candidates who support your sexual freedoms.
But, while some sexual freedoms may be at stake in this election, I don't think with my dick, and I don't vote with my cock either.  And, for fuck's sake, what good would it do to try and tell you, my dear reader, which candidates I support?  Who the hell is going to base their precious vote on information found at a BDSM blog anyway?
Just remember this . . . 
When the spectacle of the 2012 Olympic games is complete, network television will focus (albeit briefly) on the two party's nominating conventions, where we will be assailed with lots and lots of propaganda.  And, while political commercials are al…

Getcha vibes here . . . or . . . Relish the moment

Oh! hot diggity, dog ziggity boom, what'cha do to me,
It's so new to me, what'cha do to me,
Hot diggity, dog ziggity boom, what'cha do to me,
When you're holdin' me tight!
Trojan (best known for condoms) spent $10.5 million advertising it's Trojan Vibrations line of sex toys last year, but never seemed to get the attention and media buzz that giving away vibrators from hot dog carts in New York City has earned them this week.
On Wednesday and Thursday, Trojan Vibrations, a line of sexual enhancement devices, will hand out 10,000 free vibrators from two hot dog carts identified as pleasure carts. Along with the brand’s logo, the carts will feature sayings like “Getcha vibes here!” and “Relish the moment.”
   New York Times - A Surprise in a Hot Dog CartNot only did this promotional stunt earn a mention in the New York Times, it also garnered a story in the NY Daily News and AVN.  It's said that the total retail value of the two different styles of vibrators T…

a way of being

"Sexuality is not a leisure or part-time activity. It is a way of being."
    ~ Alexander Lowen

with friends like these . . . porn stars and politics

Jenna Jameson ❤'s Mitt Romney "I’m very looking forward to a Republican being back in office. When you’re rich, you want a Republican in office."
     ~ Jenna Jameson In a stunning move, and sad but true story, one that can only leave most observers shaking their heads and asking, "Why?"  Porn Queen Jenna Jameson has endorsed Mitt Romney for POTUS (President of the United States).  Jameson's move was described by AVN (the porn industry's trade newsrag) as:
"Yet another slap in the face of the industry that gave her a platform to make such proclamations." Can you feel the love?

Despite Ms Jameson's well traveled body, as a political analyst I'd have to say this endorsement doesn't have  any legs . . . And, as a former political operative I can't help wondering what the fuck do you do with an endorsement of this kind?

Prior to Romney, Jameson's most famous endorsement was for imitation leather . . .
"I’ve worn a lot of…

You make the call . . . I can't be the only one to see similar skill sets at work here!

"Top rhythmic gymnasts must have many qualities: balance, flexibility, coordination, and strength are some of the most important . . . "

I guess it's good for dominants to remember that not all submissives are as flexible as the models featured on the internet at sites such as, same as not all girls aren't as flexible as world class gymnasts competing in the Olympic Games.

With that said, it sure is fun to watch world class athletes of all kinds do their thing!

olympic coverage (lack thereof) . . . or . . . are the Brazilians waxed?

While the sex appeal of the Olympic Games has not escaped the lamestream media, it should be remembered that the original Olympics were contested in the nude (or so I've heard - I'm an oldtimer, but I'm not that old!)

Who else wants to see a return of some real Olympic traditions?

quote du jour

“Nothing one does in bed is immoral if it helps to perpetuate love.”
        ~ Gabriel García Márquez

with dreams of sitars and incense dancing in the air

I've been reading more than a few stories recently about a controversy surrounding Bollywood actress Sherlyn Chopra's choice to model nude for Playboy.  At least part of the buzz in newspapers and the blogosphere is simply because she's the very first woman from India to to get naked for Hugh Hefner's magazine.

The most surprising thing about this story, at least from my perspective, is simply that there are any firsts (within the realm of good taste) left to be had anywhere for Playboy.  After all, the magazine's been around since the mid 1950's, meaning it will celebrate a 60th birthday sometime next year.  With more than 700 issues in it's history, I find it at least a little bit surprising that there are any ethnic groups not represented by a Playboy pictorial spread.
"I have become the first Indian to pose naked for Playboy, and nobody can take away that achievement from me."
   ~ Sherlyn Chopra"At a time when innocent women across the…

prt-6 How To Become a Submissive- if you don't think you are yet

On Self-Destructive behavior Some people really have a longing for external correction and if it is not supplied to us as a child, or perhaps if it was imposed on us by overbearing adults we may we have a very real need of those boundaries as adults. And some of those adults can not even bring themselves to discipline their own children by brute methods but still feel the need to be “spanked” emotionally

I can understand the self-spanking thing as a child but why if you don't think that spanking is appropriate for your children . . . why then would you wish to require another adult to be responsible to discipline you for your short-comings? . . . and where do you then draw the line in the sand about determining if it was a prolonged form of assault or just some marital bedroom play.
just a thought. . .if you felt the need to want to spank yourself back as a child was that because you thought that there was a need for the naughty consequence? and was it there because your pare…

prt-5 How To Become a Submissive- if you don't think you are yet

On morals and ethics concerning triads, and whether we own our partners issues
I disagree about his issues being mine. . .because, . . I own my issues. . .and I make up my mind because I have choices. . . now that may mean I forfeit my preferences to honor him. . .once done, however it would be preferred to stay the course. . .therefore I advise make  choices very carefully and responsibly. . .
Now having said that I can share with you the way Master and I met would have turned religious people upside down in aghast!! . . .lol!!
I was actually proposed to by Masters now  former wife. . . to come into the relationship as a triad contract. . .unfortunately for her  jealousy set in. turns out that she and Master have always had a very conflicted relationship and her instability could not be satisfied by anything Master accommodated for her. . . 
I am very much a Christian Believer and consequently I had to do a lot of introspect in needing to stand before the Creator in good conscient…

vendor - Adam and Gillian's Sensual Whips and Toys

Adam and Gillian just celebrated their 25th anniversary as a business serving the BDSM community, so it seems appropiate to join them in their celebration by revisiting this post from when the blog was just getting off it's feet.  Please note that no compensation or consideration was exchanged in return for this review, I've purchased every listed item here just the same as any other customer.  In fact, I just made three new purchases:

DeLuxe Cane
The Valentine
Our Crop

It's my 2nd purchase of their DeLuxe Cane, the first was of medium thickness, this one will be thinner.  I had a friend who purchased The Valentine years ago at my recommendation, it's a beautiful tool for breast and genital flogging, but I'd never indulged myself in purchasing one for my own collection before now.  Adam and Gillian's Our Crop will not be the first riding crop in my toy collection, but without a doubt it will be my best!

Finally, please note that all images associat…

Greetings, Earthlings

Two aliens landed in the Arizona desert near a gas station that was closed for the night. They approached one of the gas pumps and the younger alien addressed it saying, 'Greetings, Earthling. We come in peace. Take us to your leader.'
...The gas pump, of course, didn't respond.

The younger alien became angry at the lack of response.

The older alien said, 'I'd calm down if I were you.'

The younger alien ignored the warning and repeated his greeting. Again, there was no response.

Annoyed by what he perceived to be the pump's haughty attitude, he drew his ray gun and said impatiently, 'Greetings, Earthling. We come in peace. Do not ignore us this way! Take us to your leader or I will fire!'

The older alien again warned his comrade saying, 'You probably don't want to do that! I really don't think you should make him mad.'

'Rubbish,' replied the cocky, young alien. He aimed his weapon at the pump and opened fire. There was a huge explo…

prt-4 How To Become a Submissive- if you don't think you are yet

O Depression!
Did you know BTW, that all depression is rooted in some kind of anger. . . that is what I was taught in a women's issues support group. That statement hit me like an avalanche . . and has given me a new perspective and a need to self evaluate. . . if I feel depressed- what am I angry about?
Sometimes depression can also be triggered by insufficient light . . hang in there- the days are getting longer. . . . (you might have SADs) try are remember that altogether too soon the little ones will not be little anymore. . . and fly away. . .
Oh how I wish I could go back and redo the time I did not spend with them and spend what I did differently-- more quality and purposeful. . .
Purposeful I think is the key. . . if I only knew then what I know so fully now. . . maybe, just maybe I could have things better now. . .
Take any opportunity to build memories. . . do not make the mistake of thinking that this is a waste of time, or any other if onlys, or that you would be any…