Friday, July 13, 2012

what would Dudley do?

Perhaps he would have been better named "Cpl. Punishment"

"Here here, you oughtn't to do anything like that. Going around tying defensless people to railroad tracks is not the Canadian way."
     ~~ Dudley Do-Right of the Canadian Mounties

I love cartoons, don't you? But the times certainly have changed since that documentary (tongue inserted firmly in cheek) film I just shared with you about the exploits of Canada's finest, eh? Nope, no sirree, it isn't Dudly Do-Right's northwoods anymore my friends.

It seems that bondage, Fetlife, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are all tied together (please excuse the pun) in a news story coming from the thriving metropolis of Coquitlam, B.C., where Cpl. Jim Brown, (who despite sharing a surname is apparently unrelated to the Godfather of Soul and hardest working man in show business) of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is under both an internal and an independent investigation for conduct unbecoming an officer of the law
Cpl. Jim Brown of RCMP on left, the Godfather of Soul on right - Please do NOT confuse the two.

"An officer posing naked in RCMP riding boots is inappropriate, even if his sexual partners are consenting adults . . . "

It's the sordid tale of individuals trying to make careers out of disparaging and discouraging a police officer with a feel for fetish. It started when someone discovered that a jack-booted member of Canada's premiere law enforcement agency was also role playing as a jack booted thug over at Fetlife.

I'm sure everyone's shocked that a member of law enforcement might turn out to be a sadist in their personal life, aren't you? I mean no one really thinks that some members of police and other paramilitary groups actually enjoy hurting others for sexual thrills, no? And, certainly, nobody wearing a uniform for hours everyday would have a fetish, right?

Perhaps, instead of investigating Cpl. Jim Brown for misconduct, they should promote him instead, I mean here's a man who lives his work. And let's be serious, when the chips are down, who'd you rather have interrogating a terrorist than an office versed in all aspects of torture? Certainly he knows some "advanced interrogation techniques."

Perhaps all such positions should be given to BDSM aficionados of the sadistic bent. I mean if you gave me a few minutes with a "nut-cracker", one of them them "Bin-Tokin" kind of characters, as well as a hot wire to shove up his anus and another to wrap around his nuts; I do believe we'd all have some answers quick. I don't know how accurate they'd be, but we'd have fucking answers, and we might just have a little fun getting them.

What? You don't believe in torture unless it's consensual? You want me to negotiate with mock terrorists and dungeon monitors to be present? Gee-whiz, what is this world coming to? BTW - isn't an "internal investigation" something we give to suspected drug mules rather than decorated officers?

OK, all my kidding and joking aside, the first "official response" by Cpl. Brown's RCMP superior was the one I consider to be correct, that Brown's involvement with Fetlife was: "Deemed to be adult consensual activity during which the implicated officer was not representing himself as a member of the RCMP, thus it did not meet the threshold for a code of conduct investigation."

Case closed . . .

But all things in life are political, and there's always someone standing on the sideline ready to pounce and pronounce their own moral judgement. In the case of the "Kilted Knight", as Jim Brown called himself on Fetlife, it seems that the Canadian media, as well as some RCMP superiors wouldn't let this story go.

At least part of the story was written by the Vancouver Sun's Ian Mulgrew. Within the worldwide cannabis community Mr Mulgrew is a controversial figure, perhaps best known for outing seedmaker "Reeferman" as former white supremacist Charles Scott, while telling the story of the B.C. cannabis trade in his book Bud Inc. Whether the story is about bedrooms or bud-rooms, Mulgrew seems to have little compunction about hurting people in the pursuit and telling of his stories.

Higher ups within the Royal Canadian Mounted Police seem to see Cpl. Brown's naked pictures as some kind of smoke screen to divert media attention from a class action suit brought against the law enforcement agency for sexual harassment. They've even gone as far as to imply that his sexual orientation might have somehow impaired his role in investigating a serial murderer in 1999.

Adding insult to injury is psychiatrist, Michael Webster, a special "cop counselor", who was quoted in the CBC news story where I first heard about this whole affair:
Webster said that an officer posing naked in RCMP riding boots is inappropriate, even if his sexual partners are consenting adults.

“They're all severely degrading to women,” Webster said of the photos.

Webster said the officer’s conduct should be a serious concern to the force, particularly in a province that has seen so many sexual harassment allegations made against members in recent months.

“Mr. Brown’s behaviour is way up the scale in the abnormal range,” he said. “This is conduct unbecoming of a [Mountie] and it is shameful that the RCMP would [try] and minimize this, would try and downplay and sweep it under the rug and suggest there is no harm here."
Should I be surprised that a "cop shrink" wouldn't be up to date with psychological studies indicating that there's absolutely nothing wrong with people who partake in BDSM activities as part of our sexual expression. Does this man really believe that consensual activities degrade anybody?

God fucking protect us all from the eyes of ethically challenged journalists and from moralistic idiots of all stripes who try to demonize normal sexual expression.

It's fun to point an laugh when it happens to jack booted individuals who are paid tax-dollars to do their thuggery, or when the media destroys a white supremacist who's interests wandered to pure genetics in plants rather than humans, but we should all take a moment and think about things from a different perspective. We've all done things in life we wouldn't want put on billboards, or advertised across a TV screen.


  1. Fetlife is a walled garden, so you can't help but wonder what the person who "discovered" these photographs was doing there. Insert huge sigh of resignation here.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. It was probably someone like Ian Mulgrew, if it wasn't the man itself. I wouldn't put it past a journalist to join Fetlife just for a story . . . There are no walled gardens on the internet, short of communities that are private with carefully vetted membership. Even there, anyone can copy and save an image if they get pissed off at someone else, using it later for blackmail or to simply expose a person's kink.

  2. Wow. Oh love your thoughts & breakdown of this story.

  3. I adore Master Michael's writing! He is better than many seasoned journalists. That;s why you don't see that much of my stuff- I bow to the Master


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