Tuesday, July 3, 2012

trimmed bush

Yes, my dear reader, I have friends out doing yardwork in the summer heat.  

From the Facebook status of a former intern's mother.. . . .

"trimmed my front bush today--goodness it is hot!"

It's always great fun to read a VV (very vanilla) friend's Facebook status and break out laughing because of the unintended innuendo.  Or, perhaps I just entertain too easily . . .

Over the weekend Serafina and I did make some fitful progress on putting our "bedroom" together.  The reason I put the term bedroom inside quotes is that we don't see the space as a bedroom, despite the fact that we'll be sleeping there.

In the Tantric sense, it is our sacred space, an area reserved for lovemaking and Tantric ritual.  It could also be considered a BDSM dungeon or play space, as it not only will hold our DungeonBed with it's sling extenders, but the space is also destined to hold our swing stand (suspension frame) and some really cool gear from Liberator.

Our space is slowly coming together as we'd envisioned since the first of the year, as it's now also equipped with a great stereo.  However, what we actually accomplished this weekend wasn't really anything worth writing home about.  We hung a board with a large number of hooks in the corner by the dungeon bed for my flogger collection.  We hung another over the door to the kitchen, although obviously that one's not for floggers.

Well, not for floggers unless we decided to make a "flogger curtain", not unlike the old 60's-70's cliched beaded curtain.   OK, that's probably overkill . . . . I guess such ideas only display the heights of my depravity, as I'd love to incorporate bondage elements into every room but the kitchen.  Perhaps not entry decorations made floggers, but I'm not above adding some nice rings to my mission oak living room set, azt least that's on my long range decorating radar . . .

I have nothing much more to add for today, and perhaps the entire upcoming week.  The heat is absolutely sapping all of my energy, even the energy to write here.  People ask my plans for the 4th of July, my answer is, "I need to mow."  I'm a practical fellow at heart, and what energy I have beyond necessary tasks like mowing is reserved for my darling wife.  We'll make our own fireworks!

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