Monday, July 30, 2012

prt-3 How To Become a Submissive- if you don't think you are yet

Submission like Love is a Choice

a choice you make to give or withhold

a choice we make daily and from moment to moment.

If there is love and respect . . love, commitment and submission will flow.

When respect moves out so will love and there is no submission in that. . . so you either have it and it grows in understanding, or you can be open and engage as . . . . and when you are ready

But now we are moving into the true areas of submission --submission of the soul. Scary stuff!

If there is trust. . . and I certainly do NOT :!: mean blind, untested trust. . . you can let it happen. . .that is all :|

if there is a viable seed it will grow and live and continue unless some event plucks it. . . if carefully tended it may well bloom and bear fruit!

are we not like seeds :?: and plants :?:

Now my husband orders for me at restaurants all the time, but i feel loved and protected when he does so, but he always asks me what I like!! I am guessing you have the same. . . and yes those actions make me feel like I belong and safe. . . security that arises from full trust and confidence in him.

That is the difference that people are seeing here, and anything that is birthed from fear or forced obligation is not submission at all . . . it is subjection. another word could be slavery.

It is one thing to be a love-slave for someone and quite another to be a slave of which the definition is

1. a person legally owned by another for whom he or she has to work without freedom, pay, or rights
2. a person under the domination of another or of some habit or influence: a slave to party doctrine
3. Informal a badly-paid person doing menial tasks

I fully give myself to Master Michael.  I love him with all my heart, soul and thought.  Everything I do and am revolves first around Master. Beyond that I find some things I enjoy on my own when and if there is time and energy.  I come second.  However I also know that I come first in Master's mind.  It works!

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