Thursday, July 26, 2012

prt-2 How To Become a Submissive- if you don't think you are yet

Cringing at the word Submission

At one time I hated the word submission. . . I cringed every time it was mentioned and I had heard many eloquent and passionate sermons thumped out browbeating women of their need to be submissive to their husbands.  But with time and patience of the Creator, I have come to understand submission in a deep and beautiful way.

In our relationship I am submissive. .. . it does carry over into everyday life. . . but it is when we play- that it becomes front and center.. . .and it is then I call him sir or Master and remember to say and ask for things with much fanfare and flair!. . . we each have equal but very different responsibilities. . . and I always give way to what he wants. . . and of course he sees to it that I am happy.

I am a person who works best independently. . .as in finding appropriate solutions and doing a fine job. I do not like to have someone scrutinizing every move unless I ask for it because I am learning a new thing. If I have a job,task to do I do it with all my might and do not require supervision, and I am a leader in my own right also.
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There are some things that I excel at and there are things Master excels at more than I. That does not mean that I should not attempt to increase my skills, in fact I am encouraged to continue to become the very best person I can become.

Like others have also said. . . our journey is ours and we decide how to shape that. . . and it happens when you discuss and communicate. . . LOTS!!

Someone shared with me :
“All my life, i have always been more passive. i don't like confrontation and would rather compromise to make others happy. . .”

I responded:
I am thinking that by passive you mean in a correct context as in non-confrontational , and giving way to decisions made by your husband, and having his back at all times with the kids, etc. . . and then you add that you would rather compromise to make others happy. . . .but what if he won't have your back?

What will happen when your little ones turn into teens-(and they will turn into one!) want to put a lock on their bedroom door for a way to have their "privacy", and your husband undermines your morals, agrees with your young teen, and loosens all rules and it is OK for your child and the friend of opposite sex to be left unattended in that bedroom from the moment they get out of school until a parent pick the boy up around 11:30 pm??? And hubby even helps install the lock :o

Will you be passive then :?:

I actually believe you are a truly and naturally a sweet submissive just like many of us are. . . others have to work much more carefully at it. . .
and I would hope that we do not resort to excusing ourselves by saying things like because I am submissive, I can not be held responsible for anything. . .
It is most important to be very careful about what you don't protect, because you can end up not being or getting deserved appreciated for making others happy . . . . and what happens is- when you bury or stifle your own happiness, it can turn into depression because you will become resentful and angry inside.

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