Sunday, July 22, 2012

How many Spoons?

 Spoons are an interesting topic in a sex blog  Most of us use spooning in context with a position that most of us enjoy.  And there are variations on the theme.  But today I am not discussing spooning.  Today is about the spoon count.

Master and I both have some health issues that sometimes interfere with our intentions.  It affects not only our daily life, but also while we are at play.  Some time ago we came across  The Spoon Theory   written by Christine Miserandino  that changed our dynamics of how we arrange things- if possible.  We'd encourage our readers to read her wonderful explanation.

The theory of the spoons is that we have  multitudes of spoons in our arsenal from the time we are born to the day we cease.  As we tread through our life journey we lose a number along the way.  It might be as a result of injury or  illnesses, but we break bones and don't stay in condition, or have serious health issues befall us.  By mid-life most of us no longer are in possession of our full allotment of spoons. 

 As anyone with medical conditions knows, it is rather limiting in all the things we do.   We already know we have enough spoons to get us through a normal day. Let's say we have 25 apiece.  getting a working day done may require 18.   Then we have to ascertain how many spoons are left, and how many spoons the adventure, chore or whatever will require.  From there we determine if the job can be cut in half or whether we might have to wait for a less full day.  Sometimes, things get in the way and steal spoons!  At times we attempt to extend our energies beyond the number of spoons we have and most always pay the price in other ways the next day.

We see people all the time attempting to pay forward with spoons they no longer have.  We serve as volunteers for low-income seniors and disabled.  When we share the spoon theory with them most of them listen politely.  Every once in a while a power switch goes on for some; and the relief in their body posture and the light in their eyes when they understand and give themselves permission to nurture themselves is priceless when it happens.

Oh and by the way -- if anyone wants to know the many different spoons there are look here!


  1. I get it! Thanks for the idea to roll around in my head!

    1. Yes!! The spoon theory was so simple and yet such a great way to set a pace that works. And helps others understand our seemingly "wimpyness" and limits.

      To fail and over-extend our spoons is often cause for paying the cost in days ahead. It helps to pace ourselves.

  2. I love The Spoon Theory. As a former athlete and reformed work-a-holic, I often wish I had heard of it earlier. Then again, I may have been too young and arrogant to have understood it.

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

    1. We latched on to it the first time we discovered it, and it has helped us a lot. Glad that we can share for everyone to benefit. We invite you to re post and pay it forward.


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