Wednesday, July 4, 2012

everybody here celebrates my dog's birthday!

Smokey, my sweet old dog, turns 15 years old today!  I think that makes him something like 105 in "dog years".  He was born on the 4th of July, 1997, "mothered" by Daiquiri, a black Chow-Chow.  As a young pup he bore a strong resemblance to a certain cinnamon-brown bear cub, which earned him his name.

Oh yes, and today is also the day that our nation celebrates it's birthday.  But, please don't tell that to to my Smokey dog, as he thinks the fireworks and celebrations are just for him!

Have a happy, safe, sane, and consensual, July 4th everybody!  


  1. Actually, 36 years ago, my firstborn made his appearance on the bicentennial. And, like your Smokey, he believed that the fireworks and parades were all about his birthday for many, many years.

    Happy fourth of July.


  2. Happy Birthday Smokey!! No matter what you hear, everyone IS celebrating YOU today!!! You're a very special fellow! =)


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