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Dungeon Bed Edition - TMI Tuesday: July 24, 2012

Tell us about your (dungeon) bed.  ;-)

1. What size (King, queen, full, twin)?

Remember Goldilocks?  She had a bit of a time choosing her bed, and so did we.  A king sized bed is too big.  A twin or full sized bed is far too small.  We found our queen sized bed to be just right~!  We purchased the bed earlier this year, custom built by the fine gentlemen over at DungeonBeds, a once in a lifetime purchase.  It goes without saying that a lot of thought went into every one of the bed's particular attributes.  In the end, we decided that a king sized bed really was a bit larger than we wanted, if for no other reason than because the bed is built for bondage, and my Serafina is just 5'2".  

2. What mattress construction (conventional springs, air bed, water bed, Tempurpedic-type)?

Right now we are using a conventional mattress topped by an inch of memory foam.  We'll be switching to a Tempurpedic-type mattress sometime on down the road, just not sure when.

3. What type furniture (just a frame, headboard/footboard, canopy, trundle, etc)? Describe.

It's the The Dore Alley Bed by DungeonBeds, meaning it's a modified 4-post bed built specifically for bondage fun and games.  Because it was a once in a lifetime purchase, we opted to have the cage option added in underneath the bed, an absolutely necessary option in case Serafina and I find a girlfriend to call our own to torment.   The bed's heavy tubular steel construction allows me to add sling extenders to the bed's foot, which converts my bedroom into a multi-station dungeon playspace.  The DungeonBed's top cross bars option not only provides a convenient handhold and lashpoint, it also allows material to be easily draped overhead, turning our bondage bed into a canopy bed of sorts.  Yhe bed even has built in candle holders!

4. If your bed has headboard/footboard or bedposts, have you ever been tied to them? Ever tied anyone to them? For what purpose? 

I've never been bound to our bed, but Serafina has been tied up and tied down on multiple occasions already.  There are (obviously) a number of purposes for tying up a submissive wife, but it should always be said that the very best reason to restrain a woman is because she likes it!  Have I ever mentioned how much Serafina loves bondage?

5. What kind of sheets (cotton, linen, silk, flannel)?

Silk sheets are the classic "sexy" sheet, but they aren't what I prefer to sleep upon.  For everyday sleeping and dream time, my preference is for nice soft flannel sheets.

6. What kind of blankets (cotton, wool, thermal, electric)?

I've got a slave/wife to keep me warm at night, who needs blankets?  At the moment, we are in the midst of a good old fashioned heat wave and drought, the sign at the bank said 104 degrees today.  The midwest has these kinds of things from time to time, as I don't remember anyone blaming the Dust Bowl on global warming.  In the past the heat and drought might be followed up by a plague of locusts, thankfully those days are gone (for at least the time being) . . . I guess that's my way of saying, I'm more than happy with a single sheet covering me right now.  And it should go without saying that I'm far more into electro-sex toys than into electric blankets . . .

7. What’s on top (bedspread, duvet,…)?

Naked slave girl laying on top of the sheets, perhaps eventually with me laying on top of her, that is my preference, thank you very much!  I don't even fucking know what a duvet is, let alone own such a thing . . . Ooops, Serafina inform's me that we do own a duvet, perhaps even more than one.  Oh me, oh my, oh mea culpa!  We also have a sweet waterproof throw from we can lay out for times when sex play might get messy.

8. What kind of pillow (down, foam, fiberfill)?

We need new pillows.  My preference would be for sweet soft down filled pillows, but I'm allergic to bird feathers of all kinds.  The whole feather thing is an irony I'll never live down, I lost my virginity in a chicken-coop at age 13 . . . I guess that's all my way of saying we are still shopping for the pillows we want and are open for suggestions!

Bonus:  Fill in the blank and answer question.
If  a new slavegirl comes over, will you let them fuck you on your bed? Yes or no.

No, that's where the cage comes in . . .  a new slavegirl could expect to be shackled in the cage under my bed while her new Mistress Serafina and I fuck on the bed right over her head!  I'm thinking that she could also expect to be locked into a chastity belt, but that's another story for another day . . . 


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