Thursday, June 28, 2012

too hot

I wish I was talking about sex, but the title's really about the heat wave we are experiencing in the midwest.

Just south of here the actual temps are due to hit the 100 degree mark today, and we won't be far off ourselves.  The "heat index" here today is due to be 110 degrees, that's a measure of how hot it feels considering the temp and humidity.

It's dangerously hot.

This is the kind of weather that causes heat exhaustion and heat stroke, and for people without air conditioning who have underlying medical conditions, it can be fatal.

I had my own experience with heat stroke a few years back, and ever since I've had to be very careful myself in regard to the heat.  Last week I managed to make myself half sick while working with residents of a low income housing complex without air conditioning, so rather obviously I'm not being careful enough.

This week the a/c died at the building where I do my most of my volunteer work.  Many of the other businesses are just doing 1/2 days due to the heat, but my commitments aren't allowing me that luxury.

Whew, I just can't handle the heat anymore!  No matter how many bottle of water or sport's drink I consume, I feel washed out.  Just the blast of heat at the door letting the dog out is enough to send me reeling.

I'd been planning to take Serafina to a place called Wildlife Prairie State Park tomorrow, and we had plans to go out to friend's house Saturday for pool and BBQ.  I've had to cancel it all, I just can't handle the heat.

When it's too freakin hot to hang out with friends by a pool, there's really something terribly wrong . . .

I'd have a few select words for global warming deniers right now, but it's just to hot to bother!

FACTOID - In midwestern states like Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois, more people have died in the last 30 years from excessive summer heat than from all other natural disasters combined!


  1. It's a shame that the world doesn't share its heat more evenly. Here in the UK we are only just this week getting into the 70's and it still keeps raining here and there. All we need is some even spread!

    1. I'd be happy to give you 10 or 15 degrees of our heat . . .

  2. the risk of sounding state is freezing..I hate winter with a vengence..I would kill right now for temperatures of 37 (100) though i sympathise with anything over 40 like 110(43). We don't have the humidity ..just dry hot wind..bah how i need that right now. I just want to wear my summer frocks!

    sorry, i should be much more sympathetic :)

    1. our humidity is so high in the summer that it's really opressive . . . but as I told Joolz - I'd be more than happy to share the heat!


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