Thursday, June 14, 2012

You can't cancel a product?

Are you looking for webhosting?

Well, whatever you do, don't purchase it from Jumpline (formerly Hostican) as the suck the proverbial polluted ass when it comes to requests for any kind of service, especially if your request is to shut down an account.

The back story is simple, this blog is simply powered by blogger rather than any kind of 3rd party web hosting company simply because our experiences with hosting companies has been a tale of absolute wretchedness.

Jumpline is by far the worst of the bunch.  Twice this year they have charged our credit cards for accounts we requested be taken down.  We even challenged one through my credit card company, and the assholes at Jumpline told my credit card company that the original contract I "signed" when I took their hosting services gives them the right to renew my account every time it expires without providing me with any choice or recourse, unless I cancelled within 30 days of the account's renewal.

So it should have been simple to ask them to simply remove the accounts so this doesn't happen again, right?

Well, when you put in a support ticket asking for a site to be removed, they flat out fucking refuse!

You can't get a hosting package cancelled, and they renew them automatically when they expire, so it's a perpetual charge machine that there's almost no way of escaping.

Here's the worst one of all.  There was a hosting package purchased by my Mom who passed away last year.  A few days ago we got a bill from a credit card of hers that we'd already asked to be closed, a bill with charges for web hosting from Jumpline.

When we called Jumpline to tell them that they were charging a dead woman, they essentially said - tough shit, take it up with your credit card company because we don't reverse charges under any circumstance, and they only close a hosting package if you request it in a small 30 day window once every year or two.

So the moral of the story is that Jumpline has terrible practices, terrible customer service, and if you ask to have a hosting account removed, they will refuse.

Like I said,  they suck the proverbial polluted ass, and I suggest strongly that if you are looking for web hosting, go anywhere but to Jumpline.

I've included a screen shot of their customer service refusing to shit down an account except under, just so you know I'm not exaggerating . . .

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  1. It's funny you would bring this up, because we've been going through something similar, not with a webhosting site but a magazine. For three years now, mouse has been trying to cancel a the problem is she does kinda like it but doesn't read EVERY single issue...

    Each year the charge shows up on the bill, Daddy asks, didn't you cancel this? So mouse goes to the website, and clicks on the stop auto pay and finish the year button...

    They also don't do refunds.

    MIght as well get a magazine that we've already paid for...Right?

    So now mouse has a note on the computer (if they don't fix this issue), to contact them again BEFORE they charge us...And just cancel the magazine all together.....and hope that works....

    Probably not explaining this well, but auto-renewal is the bane of modern existence. Very few places handle it well.


    1. "auto-renewal is the bane of modern existence"

      you've got that right!

      big hugs,

  2. Thanks for the tip. We've crossed them off our list of potential hosts!

    1. they were once one of the recommended hosts for WordPress but I don't see them on the lists anymore so I'm sure there have been a number of dissatisfied customers besides Serafina and myself . . .


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