Friday, June 15, 2012

prominent pornography purveyor provides proper payment protection

In reflecting upon my recent post about our experiences with a webhost with a customer service department that does most anything they can to avoid actually serving the customer, I realized how much better I'm treated by the folks at

When I sign up for a site at, the procedure is simple and streamlined, and I get access to everything I purchased within moments.  When I decide to cancel a subscription, it's just as simple.

With, nobody tells me I have to fill out a support ticket with my request, there's no smarmy punk-assed customer service rep to deny my request and quote a cold and calculated corporate policy designed to maximize corporate profits charging for an unused and unwanted product.  My provider of kinky adult entertainment treats me far better than a webhost who won't let me go.

Yeppers, it's 100% true, a prominent pornography purveyor provides proper payment protection, while webhost Jumpline (perhaps more correctly named host-i-cant) grabs every one of my dollars they can while refusing to even honor a request to remove my account.

I guess that's good news for the kinky, pornography isn't a sleazy business anymore.  Nope, now there's another industry preying on consumers . .

Buyer beware, the sleazy business these days is webhosting, and the poster child is Jumpline!

I'd say that Jumpline sucks ass, but being on the receiving end of that experience can be pleasant.  Dealing with jumpline never is . . .

Jumpline, set my people (and my websites) free!

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  1. Once again, thanks for the warning!

  2. I was beating a dead horse to an extent, I know, but in realizing that is so very much more progressive in customer service related affairs, I couldn't help but comment.

    I'll be much cheerier tomorrow!


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