Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Lustful Wednesday!

On Wednesday I had been cleaning and fixing little things and I realized that Master would be home shortly.  I love to meet him at the door when he returns, but often I am not sure exactly when so I might be off in another corner of the house when he walks in.  He always responds like he is happy to be home in secure surroundings, and that is precisely my goal to provide the secure, clean and happy home for My Beloved.

This time was a little different, I had come to a place where I was finished and had no desire to start one more little thing.  So I bathed and groomed and instead of what I would otherwise put on, I wanted to surprise him.

I went to my "special" closet and pondered,  I could don a corset and nothing more than high heels. . .
I could select sexy lingerie, He always appreciates that. . . .
Instead I chose the Maids Outfit.
It has a most prickly crinoline, and I put it on .  It scratched and prickled right away,
I pulled the dress on pant's style, and had a little trouble getting the zipper up all the way in back.  I got it but I had to struggle a bit.
Then I pulled on the arm-band sleeves.  I was feeling sexy now.
It also came with a number of accessories, a hair piece, lacy collar tie, and ankle or wrist ties.  I decided not to wear the fishnet stocking with their lacy bands and wear only high heels instead, as I wasn't sure how much time before Master arrived and I didn't want to risk tearing them.

I waited. . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . ..  . . .and waited some more.  I poured a tea and sat down to read.  All at once I heard a car door!! Could it be?  YES!! I sprang up and stood at the top of the landing and said simple "Hello Master!"

I heard him suck in his breath a bit in surprise and he answered back "Hello Slut!!"  I knew I had not let him down!!  He enjoyed me as much as I enjoyed his rapt attention.  I asked him if he had anything that needed dusting urgently, while I brushed the feather duster across my breasts seductively.  I think he just grinned from ear to ear and I am sure I heard him groan slightly.

Well I could write a lot more, but I always like to leave the rest to the imagination!!  I can tell you that the rest of that day seemed to go on forever!!  Just heavenly!


  1. va va voom! Yes, good times were had by all!

  2. Sounds great! We have no problem letting our imaginations pick up the ball and run with it!


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