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too hot

I wish I was talking about sex, but the title's really about the heat wave we are experiencing in the midwest.

Just south of here the actual temps are due to hit the 100 degree mark today, and we won't be far off ourselves.  The "heat index" here today is due to be 110 degrees, that's a measure of how hot it feels considering the temp and humidity.

It's dangerously hot.

This is the kind of weather that causes heat exhaustion and heat stroke, and for people without air conditioning who have underlying medical conditions, it can be fatal.

I had my own experience with heat stroke a few years back, and ever since I've had to be very careful myself in regard to the heat.  Last week I managed to make myself half sick while working with residents of a low income housing complex without air conditioning, so rather obviously I'm not being careful enough.

This week the a/c died at the building where I do my most of my volunteer work.  Many of the other busine…

like butters

Perhaps it's been too long a day and/or I've been downloading too much porn . . .

I had to do a double take and make sure it really was South Park and not another episode of's Device Bondage!

something called sexy . . .

I'm not in the mood to editorialize today with my own writing, but it's an editorial nevertheless.

TMI Tuesday - sweet summertime

TMI Tuesday 6/26/2012

1. Summer is a time to escape, kick back and chill. What is your favourite way to relax when the warm weather hits?
I'm not a mad dog nor am I an Englishman, so I do have the sense to stay out of the noonday sun.  Actually, I suffered an episode of heat stroke a decade ago, and since then heat has gotten to me far more than it did when I was in my youth.  My favorite locale to enjoy the summer heat is indoors with the air conditioning set near the 70 degree mark.

2. Have you ever been to a drive-in movie theatre? My first date was to a drive-in movie, what is your best memory of these classic outdoor theatres?
When I was 16, I went to a drive-in movie with a girlfriend named Denise who I only dated for a few weeks.  I didn't get any further with her than my hand on a breast over her shirt, but she was an outstanding kisser.  We necked pretty good through both movies of a double feature before the night was done.  It's strange that this particular night …

You Make The Call . . .

I read several news stories on this topic last week and decided it was worthy of discussion here . . .

The Ruling
The Illinois Supreme Court recently ruled on the case of People v. Hollins, that a Stephenson County man named Marshall Hollins was guilty of child pornography despite the fact that his ongoing sexual relationship with an unnamed minor was perfectly legal under Illinois state law.  Mr Hollins conviction and sentence of 8 years in prison was therefore upheld by the state's highest court.

In 2009, Marshall Hollins was 34 years of age.   While attending Highland Community College in Freeport, Illinois, he met an unnamed 17 year old girl and became friends.  Not long after meeting, Marshall and his friend began having a sexual relationship.  

In Illinois, 17 years of age is considered to be the legal "age of consent", the point where the law no longer considers a sexual relationship with an adult to be illegal.  Sex with any minor under the age of 17 is con…

A Lustful Wednesday!

On Wednesday I had been cleaning and fixing little things and I realized that Master would be home shortly.  I love to meet him at the door when he returns, but often I am not sure exactly when so I might be off in another corner of the house when he walks in.  He always responds like he is happy to be home in secure surroundings, and that is precisely my goal to provide the secure, clean and happy home for My Beloved.

This time was a little different, I had come to a place where I was finished and had no desire to start one more little thing.  So I bathed and groomed and instead of what I would otherwise put on, I wanted to surprise him.

I went to my "special" closet and pondered,  I could don a corset and nothing more than high heels. . .
I could select sexy lingerie, He always appreciates that. . . .
Instead I chose the Maids Outfit.
It has a most prickly crinoline, and I put it on .  It scratched and prickled right away,
I pulled the dress on pant's style, and had a …

100 things 'bout Michael

It's way too much information 'bout me . . .
I've had moderate to severe asthma since childhood.I love pussy, but I am very much allergic to cats. I'm a dog person, not a cat person. I have no children.I currently spend 30 hours a week volunteering.I used to volunteer to coach 5th and 6th grade flag football.The football teams I coached never finished lower than 2nd in our league.One of the boys I coached in football went on to have a fair career in the NFL.Baseball was my favorite sport as I was growing up, both as a spectator and to play. I didn't hit my first homerun in an official little league game until I was 13 years old.My first little league homerun was a walk-off grand slam in a sudden death tournament, I was carried off the field on my teammates shoulders.I was once "scouted" at age 15-16 by the Cincinnati Reds and St. Louis Cardinals.My favorite baseball team is the Minnesota Twins.  The St Louis Cardinals and Cincinnati Reds are also teams I g…


Apparently it was some kind of national holiday today, but no one told Serafina!

Simply the Best - A Vendor Review

Snake Pit Leather Works Makes the Finest Floggers I've never tried to hide my love of floggers on these pages, it's a passion I'm proud to wear on my sleeve, as well as wield with my hands. I love a well balanced and effective tool, and I love the great variety of available flogger materials to be found today. I also love the effects I can create with my floggers, the ooohs and ahhhhhs I can elicit from my Serafina.

And, it should be noted that I've sampled the work of a fair number of flogger makers. Hanging in my flogger rack, you find the work of close to 10 individual artisans, 6 of them established and well known flogger makers who's work you could purchase online today.

At IML 2012 I looked at quite a few others, handled their work in person, going as far as taking some test swings right there in the convention center (everyone was doing it . . .) with Serafina as a test subject. Quite obviously, I not only love floggers, I study them, I dream about and …

there are perverts to satisfy wherever you work . . .

Last night, while reading news online, I ran across an article on a brewing controversy over a change in how will pay the webcam girls who perform live shows - Is Porn Darling Ripping Off Its Webcam Girls?

The SF Weekly story begins: "For connoisseurs of BDSM porn, San Francisco's has built up a reputation that makes them the sadomasochistic equivalent of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Fans of the company's sites look to them not only for high-quality porn that caters to a wide variety of fetishes, but for an explicit ethical code. As cultural messages directly equating "sex work" with "trafficking" become stronger, has established itself as the Good Guy of porn, where the models are there because they want to be and are able to stay safely within their personal limits."The basic premise from there is simple, has been paying it's webcam performers a flat rate of $150 for a four hour show with bonus …

It's my birthday too - TMI Tuesday 6/19/2012

"Being under the sway of the element of water also makes you highly caring, generous and intuitive. You are highly evolved, even spiritual — the water signs are karmically developed and refined in spirit."

TMI Tuesday 6/19/2012

1. What star sign are you?
I'm a Cancer, the Crab.  I'm very close in personality to the classic description of individuals born under the Crab sign, especially so when it reads: "You are basically cautious, prudent, and untiringly persistent in going after whatever you desire most."  That, and the post's opening quote sound like apt descriptions of Michael Samadhi to me . . .  (Yes I did just refer to myself in the third person.  No, this isn't an episode of Sienfeld.  Michael wants you to just pretend it never happened.)  However, to a great extent, I wonder if this isn't a self-fulfilling prophecy - see question 2.

2. Do you believe in horoscopes? No, I don't.  I grew up in a home with a Father who studied Palmistry a…

outstanding home suspension frame . . .

My name is Michael, and that's my Roman Arc Cypress Swing Stand!
Just a few days ago I wrote about the Tetruss II portable suspension frame, and found it somewhat wanting in terms of usefulness in a home dungeon. Today, we'll be looking at a much more stable and useful alternative, the Roman Arc Cypress Swing Stand.

Rather than being a purpose made item expressly designed for BDSM, the Roman Arc Cypress Swing Stand falls into the category of "pervertables", items designed for a different real world intent that are repurposed for a more kinky use. In most cases I find that BDSM specific items are usually best for my style of play, so this swing stand might be called "the exception that proves the rule", an odd turn of phrase I've never been completely comfortable using until today.

I first became aware of the usefulness of the Roman Arc Cypress Swing Stand at Fetlife, where a dominant named MrEllen posted pictures of it in use as a Shibari suspension …

Greek Goddess of "universal remedy"

I've written before (on multiple occasions) about a Tantus, a company who makes top quality adult products that are manufactured here in the US.  Back around the first of this year, I even wrote a post suggesting one of their "objets de plaisir" to my dear friend Cherub, when she asked me for a product recommendation.

Far too many sex toys are made in China, where a repressive regime not only has a general lack of environmental and health/safety regulations, filters the internet to prevent it's citizens from reading unapproved news and information, but also where the forced labor of political and religious prisoners plays an essential role in the manufacturing economy.

That's not the case with Tantus, who manufacturers their toys right here in the US.  They pay their employees a living wage, and are very much responsible and enlightened members of the community where their products are manufactured.

One of the other great things about Tantus is their very prog…

prominent pornography purveyor provides proper payment protection

In reflecting upon my recent post about our experiences with a webhost with a customer service department that does most anything they can to avoid actually serving the customer, I realized how much better I'm treated by the folks at

When I sign up for a site at, the procedure is simple and streamlined, and I get access to everything I purchased within moments.  When I decide to cancel a subscription, it's just as simple.

With, nobody tells me I have to fill out a support ticket with my request, there's no smarmy punk-assed customer service rep to deny my request and quote a cold and calculated corporate policy designed to maximize corporate profits charging for an unused and unwanted product.  My provider of kinky adult entertainment treats me far better than a webhost who won't let me go.

Yeppers, it's 100% true, a prominent pornography purveyor provides proper payment protection, while webhost Jumpline (perhaps more correctly named h…

You can't cancel a product?

Are you looking for webhosting?

Well, whatever you do, don't purchase it from Jumpline (formerly Hostican) as the suck the proverbial polluted ass when it comes to requests for any kind of service, especially if your request is to shut down an account.

The back story is simple, this blog is simply powered by blogger rather than any kind of 3rd party web hosting company simply because our experiences with hosting companies has been a tale of absolute wretchedness.
Jumpline is by far the worst of the bunch.  Twice this year they have charged our credit cards for accounts we requested be taken down.  We even challenged one through my credit card company, and the assholes at Jumpline told my credit card company that the original contract I "signed" when I took their hosting services gives them the right to renew my account every time it expires without providing me with any choice or recourse, unless I cancelled within 30 days of the account's renewal.
So it should have …

a moderately good looking corpse

My stated ambition as a youth was yo live fast, die young, and leave a moderately good looking corpse . . . 
Since it's already too late for that . . .

Drama King

I'm feeling rather blue and down today.  For the last few days everything has been a struggle.

When everything is a struggle for me, it usually means one of  means one of a few different things . . .

It really is just a rough patch of time - life's like that, as some days are easier than others, and there are  (of course) occasions where a few bad days string together randomlyI was feeling so very good about the DungeonBed purchase, as well as the visit to IML, that a little bit of rebound was almost inevitable.   I'm exhausted and sore - I suffer from some chronic arthritic conditions as well as Fibromyalgia.  Laying a new floor and painting, bringing home our dungeon bed, and assembling our dungeon bed, were all very strenuous activities which have caused significant increases in my arthritic pain.  When I hurt I can't sleep, and when I can't sleep it makes me hurt even more.  It's a viscous cycle that makes me feel a bit like I'm circling a drain, gettin…

TMI Tuesday - the most edition

1. What sex position have you been in the most times?
In a single lovemaking session, it's not uncommon for us to cycle through a number of different positions, but it's most common for us to finish with nice face to face intimacy in the missionary position.

2. What book have you read …?
When I was younger, I read the Lord of the Rings trilogy at least once a year throughout Junior High and High School, so they've been read from cover to cover at least 6 or 7 times.

3. What movie have you watched …?
Back in the early '80's I had a video disc player but only one or two movies in my collection to be played, so the movie Apocalypse Now received a huge number of screenings.

4. In the last week, who have you texted … ? (no names, list the relationship or type of person)
Although I have a smart phone, I'm not much for texting.  I've not sent any texts in the last week . . .

5. In the last week, what food have you eaten …?
Roast Beef - Late last week our storage free…

"breaking" a submissive . . .

I've seen a number of posts recently on the topic of "breaking" a submissive, a subject on which I have many of my own thoughts to share.  However, before inflicting my opinions upon you, my dear reader, I'd like to begin by quoting another dominant I've grown to respect greatly.

Here is Omega's opening comment from the Power Exchange where he penned a post called Breaking the Girl.  It's as good an introduction to this topic as any I've seen:
It conjurs the image of a wild horse, the animal being roped. She struggles, fighting wildly against it. Eventually calming, only to have a rider on her back. The sensation, odd at first she bucks fiercely trying to knock the rider off. After several times, she calms, relaxing into it, accepting the rider. Eventually it sinks in, she intrinsically understands it is hopeless to effect a change.
She becomes dependent on her owner, who feeds her, washes her down after a ride and she remains fiercely loyal to her ow…

Ubi Est Mea

It's said that all power corrupts, and that absolute power corrupts absolutely.  So, with that in mind, how does a dominant avoid the corruption and personal decay that can accompany the wielding of power?

Well, as a beginning, it's an absolute necessity to know thine enemy.  So, it's essential, at least in my slightly less than perfectly humble opinion, that dominants study and understand the human tendency towards becoming narcissistic.

If everywhere you look you find faults in others, but you fail to see the very same human tendencies and behaviors in yourself, you are either perfect (I've never met this individual and don't expect that I ever will) or you are a narcissist.
This essay's title was originally proposed by columnist Mike Royko as a potential motto for Chicago.  Ubi Est Mea is Latin, the phrase translates to mean "where’s mine", an apt description not only of that city's machine politics, but also as a phrase that very well descri…