Tuesday, May 15, 2012

we are the world (to some)

bound breasts from Sex and Submission
A good friend of mine who just had a baby arrive a few days ago was talking with me about watching his newborn dream the other day.  His one great conclusion?  That his son must be dreaming about breasts!

My friend's observation surprised me a little, as he's not sexist and he's rarely heard discussing anything even remotely sexual.  But his logic was seemingly inescapable, he simply reasoned that breasts were a week old baby's entire world.  At an older age it's likely that a newborn would have other dreams, their world having enlarged to include brightly colored mobile objects dancing above their cribs and a world of other sights and sensations.  But, at a week of age or less, boobies are all they've got!

I suppose there's little wonder that some of us never outgrow our fixation with breasts, they are marvelous and beautiful objects worthy of desire and obsession.  With all of that said, it's my opinion that far too many cosmetic surgeries are done to enhance and/or alter women's breasts.

My favorite breasts on the planet are my slave/wife's, making me one hell of a lucky guy.  Her breasts aren't what a surgeon would consider perfect, but that's probably true of most every other woman out there too, plastic surgeons like to create their own versions of beauty, rather than accepting nature's.

To me (I'm not a surgeon by the way,) my Serafina's chest is not only beautiful, her breasts are perfect.  My slave/wife has had 4 children, and she's been on the planet for five full decades, so I'm sure a plastic surgeon would find things to improve.  I however, do not.

With all of that said, this post wasn't meant to be a paean to my slave's breasts, instead it is to express my personal preference for unaltered anatomy.  If you absolutely want or need cosmetic surgery on your breasts, I won't hold it against you socially or personally, but I won't hold you against me sexually.  It's just not my thing.

I endeavor to always be sex positive, that's also something I strongly encourage in Serafina.  I don't care to become onto an individual who is judgmental of other's kink or play style.  I endeavor to be an "anything goes between consenting adults" kind of fellow, accepting of other's kink even if it's not my own.

But, that doesn't mean I don't have personal preferences.

And, personally, I don't care for the telltale signs of a plastic surgeon's work.  It doesn't turn me on to see perfectly shaped breasts with a scars around the areola, rather, it has the opposite effect.

As we were splitting up, my ex had a boob reduction, and I’ll never forget her whipping them out from under the pressure bandages to show me.  I guess she thought that smaller breasts would win me back, or perhaps she was trying to taunt me with what I wasn't going to have if she left.  The thing is, she showed me while there were still bloody stitches surrounding her nipples.  I don’t believe she intended that to be the way I remember her breasts, but that image is now burned into my memory.

And, in it's own way, that's a good reminder of something I've learned about the human condition.  It's difficult (if not impossible) to choose how other's will perceive us, it's not practical to believe we can choose how other's will remember us.  And, in the end, it's not how we look that will be remembered most, it's how we act.

Looks are really important for first impressions only, and that's not reason enough to submit one's self to the surgeon's knife.  A soft mouth and a talented tongue will peak my interest far more than a pair of bee stung lips.

I openly admit those are my personal preferences, not everyone will agree that natural beauty is more attractive than the kind of physical "perfection" that can be attained through surgery, and that's ok.  Heck, it's a good thing!  I mean somebody's got to love women like my ex . . . just not me~!


  1. This is an excellent, thoughtful post. I've yet to outgrow my fascination with breasts. I'm not certain I ever will, nor do I think I want to. I tend to agree with you about breast enhancement surgeries - well, that's not entirely accurate; I know that most natural breasts I've seen are perfect just the way they are, regardless of size or shape, and it's a shame to change something so lovely. That said, I also recognize that my opinion isn't likely to sway that of a person who is unhappy with herself. Additionally, virtually every altered pair of breasts that I've seen up close are stunning. I am fortunate not to have seen too many "boob job gone horribly wrong" type situations outside of porn films.


    1. Hi Jack!

      Thanks for the comment. I have known a number of people who have opted for cosmetic surgery. Some are immediately happy . . they got what they wanted. Unfortunately for most there was always the next fix. . And then the next one., and so on. Never happy, never content, always more. But it never got them the guy they wanted either. Oh they got a date or so, but because they had no internal joy they lost interest and the guys fell out of favor.

      I have thought about my lost youth, sometimes I wish for a bit of help to regain. . But where does one stop? I think it is better to accept what we have and do our best to maintain it through good diet, exercise, and sleep.

      Here is a tip for the gals. . Lots of play and stimulation helps prevent that empty sack look for older women. The same way that nursing plumps up the breasts, so does a lot of play!

  2. You know, I've had cosmetic surgery -- though not breast reduction or enlargement. I had a burn injury as a child that created some scar tissue low on my torso; when I had children, that inelastic tissue did not want to go back to where it started, and so I had this weird flap there. It made me self-conscious when I was naked and I didn't like to have it touched during sex, which given where it was located was nearly impossible.

    I had cosmetic surgery, and now my stomach is flat and even (I didn't have much to work on on the flat part to begin with; it was mostly the evenness that was an issue). Now, it's almost impossible to see the incision. Immediately after the surgery, however, and I'd say anytime up to three months after the surgery, the view was positively gory. I'm certain that my husband did not like to look at it; I sure didn't. I think it was about a year before the site of the surgery wouldn't have been very evident when I was naked.

    It sounds like you two were breaking up, so you didn't have a chance to recover from the sight of the postsurgical landscape, but I'm glad that my husband did.

  3. Lily's sentiments exactly (though I've never had cosmetic surgery, so cannot speak so eloquently from personal experience).

    Also, some women have breast reduction done for health reasons. Very large breasts can be extremely difficult on one's back.

  4. I honestly don't understand how Lily's comment has anything to do with the topic at hand, as I wasn't trying to imply that all cosmetic surgery was inherently evil, I was simply expressing my own preference for natural breasts.

    In my mind there's a clear difference between cosmetic surgery to correct a birth defect or an injury, and a boob job intended to give somebody perfect breasts simply because they'd like to be differently endowed . . . I certainly understand the former even if I don't well comprehend or appreciate the latter . . .

    I'm also aware that some women have breast reductions to reduce back pain, as my ex wife decided to fake back pain as a way to get her reduction paid for by insurance. I know she was faking, she told me so. Her desire to have a boob reduction stemmed primarily from the fact that she liked how her aunts titties looked after a boob job.

    Everybody's got a body, so why not embrace the body God gave you? If the problem is self esteem, I'd suggest counselling before surgery . . . seriously!

  5. I think it's great that a wide range of bodies appeal to you; and I think it's totally fine that you prefer the look and feel of un-augmented breasts. So do I, for that matter. But I also understand why many women choose cosmetic surgery.

    I also think there's a difference between surgery that might be considered reconstructive and those that might be considered cosmetic. However, I'm not as sure as you are that my surgery was all that different from your former wife's, and here's why: Did the fact that I had a fair amount of extra tissue on my torso prevent me from having sex? No. It just prevented me from feeling good about having sex. And that *does* put me in the same category as many women who have breast augmentations. I did it to enhance my sexual confidence, just like they did.

    Lack of sexual confidence and body-image issues can be triggered by many things. After having two children fairly close together, I also weighed more than I once did. I didn't particularly like my body. Women are often counseled to love their body as-is, but I found that all the self-esteem exercises in the world didn't make me like the way I looked. What did help? Diet and exercise.

    Sometimes the most effective way to like your body is: change it. No amount of therapy or self-esteem work would have restored my sexual confidence. What restored my sexual confidence was changing my body, not "accepting" my body.

    There are obviously widespread problems with womens' body image, self-esteem, and sexual confidence. But if individual women could fix a society-wide problem by talking it over with a therapist, it would be fixed by now. Cosmetic surgery is popular because women know it's easier to fix their bodies than to fix a broken society.

  6. Since societal norms are so important to you, than are you going to follow your argument to it's logical conclusion and now argue in favor of female circumcision?

    I mean it's certainly a societal norm in some places, and that does seem so very important to you . . .

    Cosmetic surgery is popular because we live in a quick fix society, and people delude themselves into thinking that by changing their outside it might change them inside. Sorry, life ain't so simple once you get past the surface!

  7. I shall bid you adieu, Michael, if you find this upsetting. I would prefer to work with you to change society as a whole, rather than saddling individual women with an impossible task, and then mocking them when they fail.

  8. saddling women with the impossible?
    mocking them when they fail?

    Sorry, but that seems to be much more your thing than mine . . .

    Didn't you read where I said - "If you absolutely want or need cosmetic surgery on your breasts, I won't hold it against you socially or personally, but I won't hold you against me sexually. It's just not my thing."

    I am truly sorry you are threatened by my love of natural beauty in such a manner and to such an extent that you felt forced into turning a simple post about my personal preference into some kind of statement about society. I'm not really sure how you perceive the world, but it's pretty apparent I'm not wearing the same shit stained glasses you apparently choose for yourself.

    Most folks I know who are truly into BDSM could give a flying fuck about what society at large thinks. I guess I'm enough of a rebel to flaunt my love of real breasts. I'm not sure what bus you rode in on, but perhaps you arrived at the wrong destination.

    I shall bid you adieu as well.

    It's been real, and it's been fun, but it hasn't been real fun . . . ya know?

  9. It would be very unlike me to consider breast surgery - of any sort. And even more unlike my husband to want that. But i do have to admit that i worry that all the - rough handling shall we say - will hasten or add to the natural loss of shape and elasticity, etc.

    1. thanks for the comment greengirl!

      I'm not honestly sure if "rough handling" of breasts will have any impact on down the road. I know a plastic surgeon told my ex to ALWAYS wear a bra, even to bed at night, in order to prevent "sag", but that advice seems more than a little unrealistic to my ears, and I don't share a plastic surgeon's view that a little bit of sag is a defect to be corrected.

      In terms of handling breasts roughly, it's my understanding that the biggest thing (from a health standpoint) to avoid is any significant deep bruising of the breast tissue. With that in mind, I limit our breast play to mostly surface sensations; clips and clamps, nipple pinching and twisting, as well as light slapping.

  10. @Greengirl. . I too share your concerns in that tightly bound, weights that extend the tissue are things I cringe over whenever I see them. . and when I see a breast that a wooden skewer has been pushed through I more than cringe, I am aghast!

    Breast tissue is so full of hormones, and blood vessels that an injury can very well set off tumors and cancer. My aunt, who was closer to me than my own mother passed from a very aggressive breast cancer. She lived less than 3 full months from the day it was discovered as a tiny thing. I do not plan to follow her foot-steps.

    Master is always very careful to not do damage to any parts while playing with me, and because of that it creates in me great confidence to give myself completely to him.

  11. Thanks Serafina, I've always wondered how dangerous it was for some women to have that intense breast play...it seems as if they will pay for it in future years.

    As a side note to to Michael's idea about never outgrowing the fixation on breasts. My daughter breast fed her first son and transitioned him to a tipy cup by age 1. When he was 2 and a half his baby brother was born. When my daughter went to breast feed the newborn, big brother threw a fit, going to mommy crying "mine, mine" and trying to grab the baby away from her breasts. I took the baby and told her to let older brother try to nurse a minute. She pulled him to her lap, he nuzzled and nursed then suddenly sat up and said something that sounded like "eeeww' made a face and climbed down. We couldn't believe that he still remembered nursing after a year and a half on a cup. Guess the guys never forget that first pleasure.


    1. @Joyce!
      Thank you for sharing that. . how sweet! One of the greatest satisfaction I had was nursing 3 of my 4 babies. I had no idea that youngsters would remember that. I am not sure who enjoyed that process more me or my babies!

  12. Dear Sir,

    Just wanted to say loved the post and the comments to GG's remark.

    Now onto the real point of mouse's comment...that image needs mousetraps!! :-D


    1. Mostly little mouse!! You are so adorably cute!

  13. Mousetraps it is, and hugs for mouse!


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