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Thank You! (and a close call)

I'd like to thank everyone who commented with well wishes in response to my recent post about not feeling the best.  I'd like to think that your well wishes, kind regards, and healing thoughts and prayers have made a difference, as I am feeling much better today, and can say with certainty that I am on the mend.  Thank you!

Anyone who's suffered from asthma knows that lungs don't just get better overnight, especially when they've been hit by bronchitis.  While it's true that there's still more than a little residual inflammation, I'm breathing much more freely, and I'm no longer running a fever.  With just a little time, and some help from my friend Advair, I'll be back to normal.

I'm usually very good at managing my own health.  In theory, I have Emphysema in one lobe of my lungs, but my own Doctor of 15+ years even tends to forget that fact.  It's a legacy of smoking cigarettes, but that's far in my past, I've not had a drag or a puff of tobacco smoke since 2000.  I'll probably never be a distance runner again, but normal life is absolutely unaffected, and my sexual stamina is better than ever (I think that's normal for guys in their 40's in that we might not be able to fuck 6 times a night, but we more than make up for it in staying power.)

In theory I also have Fibromyalgia, as well as degenerative disc disease in my lower back.  My darling slave/wife Serafina also suffers from those same health issues, that's a part of how we met and why we are a good match for each other.  But once again, we don't let those conditions have much effect on our lives, and their effect on our sexual desires and play are almost totally negligible.  Upon occasion, Serafina will comment about how she couldn't sustain a particular bondage pose because she's getting older, and I always respond with a laugh, and the reminder that a lot of 20 year old women can't do those extreme poses anyway.

And, in the end, it's not that important to me that Serafina be able to bend herself into the shape of a pretzel, specific poses and particular ties aren't what attracted me to bondage and BDSM anyway.  I love so many different aspects of BDSM, there are so many different things about playing with dominance and submission that excite, I'd like to think it's pretty hard to disappoint me.

I saw that Serafina also commented on a close call I had while driving earlier this week.  I encountered some kind of speed jockey who was driving in a manner that caught me by total surprise.  I was entering an interstate highway via a poorly designed old on ramp where exiting traffic and entering traffic have a short lane they share as each merges in opposite directions.

As I came around my cloverleaf, I noticed there was heavy traffic, so I prepared for quick acceleration, as there's not much space on those kind of raps to get up to highway speed.  As I came to the actual intersection, both lanes of the interstate were full, a gray Chevy in the closest lane, and a white Mustang zipping by the in far lane of the highway, apparently in the act of passing the Chevy.

The gray car signaled and exited the interstate in front of me, slowing down rapidly, I had to tap my brakes to avoid the Chevy, but then in order to merge quickly to my left, I was forced to accelerate hard, pressed forward by fast moving traffic coming from behind.  It's like this almost every day as I begin my drive home.

Just as I finished my merge, with perhaps no more than a few car lengths remaining, a white streak flashed in front of my bumper.  I'm still not sure how the car cleared my bumper, I had to get out and look for a paint mark when I got home, to make sure there wasn't some kind of incidental contact, it was really that close.  There was no time to react, my right foot was fully down on the accelerator, and by the time I'd switched to the brake, everything was already just a scene flashing in front of my eyes.

Apparently, the idiot in the white Mustang was trying to blow past the gray Chevy on his way into the off-ramp.  All I know for sure is that as soon as he cleared my bumper, the Mustang began sliding sideways, and then sliding almost backwards as it's rear end skidded across the pavement in an oversteer styled response from the driver's desperate maneuvering.

I thought for a moment that the Mustang was going to roll.  Then, I thought the Chevy was going to be unable to avoid the Mustang flashing by sideways across the ramp.  In the end, great tragedy was avoided, as the only car that appeared to be worse for wear from the incident was the Mustang, sitting in the grassy cloverleaf.  In my rear view mirror, I eventually saw him restart his car and head back onto pavement.

Photo by Serafina Samadhi- I74 Bridge over the Mississippi River 
It all happened so fast, there wasn't even time for my heart to start racing.


  1. So glad to hear you are feeling better.


  2. Glad you're feeling better Sir. Your freeway experience sounds scary but so glad no one was injured. Hopefully the mustang driver will be more careful...


    1. if he doesn't learn from then experience then I'd expect evolution to step in . . . ya can't fix stupid!

  3. Nice to hear you are doing better :)The almost traffic accident sounds horrible, but I hate being moving vehicles, too much time spent caring for head injury patients I think.

    1. that's the reason I don't ride a motorcycle . . .

      I once asked an elected official about motorcycle helmet laws (in a state that doesn't require them) and his response was that organ donors have to come from somewhere!

  4. I have a good friend with chronic lung problems that sound much like yours. I know it's not fun. :( But, glad to hear you're doing better. And, good work evading the traffic problems.

    1. watching my Mom die from chronic lung disease taught me a lot about taking care of my own lungs . . . I'm usually much more careful but just detest wearing mask for home improvements!


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