Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Now you bring her back to us . . .

Serafina and I had a lovely surprise waiting for us this morning from our dear friend Becca, a wonderful short story to be shared with our readers!  I don't know that there's anything more to say, other than that we hope you enjoy Becca's story as muc as we did . . . 
A Journey of Firsts (could be more parts?) by Becca

It was my first, scratch that, our first night in New York City. He had been many times, but this was my first time in this amazing place. It was going to be a night of firsts. The time had come, and that was that. I was excited and nervous and the jazz bar, full of hipsters of all ages, seemed perfect. We walked in, His warm large hand on the exposed part of my lower back, immediately calming me and making me warm all over. And wet, so wet already. I looked around at all the attractive, well dressed people in pockets of conversation in the softly lit, cozy ambiance of the club. We wandered over to the bar.
"I'll have a scotch, the Laphroaig please. And the lady will have...", and he looked at me expectantly,
"A Hendricks martini please. Thank you." I wanted something I was going to sip. He ordered from the bartender. Smiling and feeling playful, he took my face in his hand, leaned down and kissed me softly. Then, biting my earlobe whispered, "You will find her here, I can feel it. There are already eyes on you, beautiful girl."
I nuzzled my face against his, feeling empowered from his attention. The bartender placed our drinks beside us and he passed me mine. We clinked glasses. I noticed an empty booth and pressed into him to point it out. As we meandered through the crowd I smiled and made eye contact with the groups, looking for just the right girl. The booth was perfect and gave us both an excellent view of the room. As we sat down he asked if I had seen any that had caught my eye, the sparkle in his eyes making me wish I had her beside me already.
We talked for a bit and then I noticed her, shoulder length red streaky hair, some piercings and a tattoo that peeked over her breasts. She was laughing, and there was just... something about her. I pointed her out to him, it was hard to tell if he was surprised at my choice, or if she was what he thought I would be attracted to. He just smiled indulgently at me and kept stroking my leg, up under my  dress and never... quite.. touching... my aching naked pussy. Teasing me until I groaned.
"Now you bring her back to us." He said, kissing me on the nose and scooting me out of our comfy booth. Now I was truly doing this. On my way over, I slipped up to the bar and had another drink sent over to him.
I wiggled my way through the crowd over to her, and smiling made eye contact. "Hey!" I managed waving a little, "I just had to tell you that you remind me so much of an old friend of mine, and well, I just had to say hello. Also, those may be the best shoes in here. My name is Becca."
"You are just too sweet! Thank you! I'm Jani!" and before I knew it we were talking all kinds of girly stuff, showing and talking tattoos.
"Come over and meet my boyfriend, we've got a fabulous booth and I'll buy you a drink - I have got to hear more about your art studio!" I said, the bar's noise making it so we had to lean into each other with our lips practically on each others ears. She took grabbed my hand and told me to lead the way.
Getting back to the booth, I saw he had gotten his drink, he looked up from his iphone and waved us in. I got in the middle, hoping to put her at ease. He was charming and funny and things were getting flirty, with Jani and I touching and leaning into each other giggling.
"I've totally got to freshen up, girls trip?" I said, noticing she hadn't let go of my hand.
"Of course!" she responded. Jani looked down and noticed his hand having bunched my skirt up and she got a little pink, but didn't let go.
"Off you go, ladies... don't have too much fun without me." He said smiling at the two of us. I felt flush - warm all over from the touching and flirting. When we got to the bathroom, the place was packed. When a stall came up, I told her to squeeze in with me.
"You go first." I told her. She was a bit taller that me, and I wanted to try my own dominant voice out. Small ways. See if she would respond to me. She did, immediately doing as I said. Ooh, I kind of liked that. "Here. Take this wipe," I said taking one out of my purse, "and make sure you are nice and clean." Jani looked at me for a brief moment, with a look I'm not even sure how to explain, and said thank you, got all blushy, pulled up her pants, flushed and then took my hand, smiling shyly at me. She would be perfect. Before I could stop my self, I said "Good girl." and when she squeezed my hand I felt light headed.
Getting back out into the throng, we made or way back and I let Jani sit in the middle this time. He just raised an eyebrow and me and I smiled at Him, looking forward to when I could tell him what happened in the bathroom.
The energy had gone from fun to very sexual. And that's where the conversation jumped to.
"Jani, have you ever kissed a girl?" He playfully asked.
"Oh yeah, I did the whole college thing. Who didn't?" She laughed, looking at me and biting her lip.
"Poor little Becca never has, if you can believe that..." now it was my turn to be a little pink. It felt like the room had disappeared, contracted, and it was just the three of us in this intimate warm space.
"What?! No way! Well, I would have kissed you!" Jani said laughing and playing with my fingers, then looked at me and said quietly, leaning in to say close to my ear, our breasts touching through our close, "I'd kiss you now." And I turned my face so we were nose to nose, feeling her warm, sweet breath on me - I kissed her tentatively. Her lips were so unbelievably soft. I opened my eyes and looked over at him, I could feel his heated stare  right to my soul. I wanted to touch him, touch her, be touched by both of them. We had to leave, it was like I was burning up with my need to rub myself all over this soft creature.
When my mouth opened and our tongues met, I moaned into her mouth "Come with us." in between kisses. He had scootched up behind her and was reaching around and stroking my hair smiling at me. Jani smiled and I cupped her face as he had done to me earlier. Tonight I chose her.
We made it back to the hotel, the mood had lightened in the cab, were we had been giggling and kissing. At one point we had both crawled onto his lap and were kissing him, then kissing each other, hands over clothes, rubbing and pinching. I loved the feeling of being pressed up against her breasts. No wonder men loved that!
In the hotel room, he had set firm rule - I was to immediately assume my submissive role with him, naked and kneeling. But I wanted Jani to be Mine. My pet. So as he was opening the door, I found my baby Dom voice again. "Jani." I said firmly making eye contact "When we go in the room, there will be rules. You will do as I ask and you will call me Miss. Do you understand?"
Jani got that funny look on  her face, and then answered back, "Yes, Miss."
"Good girl." I said (loving the sound of it more) stepping closer and letting her lean down and kiss me. She mewed into my mouth.
He held the door and we went inside.
"You girls get each other undressed and get comfortable on the bed. I'll put some music on." he told us.
As the soft sensual music floated through the room, we slowly enjoyed taking off each others clothes. As each piece exposed more flesh, we gently kissed, stroked and rubbed each new part. She was so soft, so different. When we were naked, we climbed up on the bed and naturally laid down pressed up against each other, kissing.
He had watched the whole process, still clothed but with his cock pulled out and rock hard from watching and stroking himself.
"May we undress you?" I asked him, so wanting -needing - to touch him. And then I knew. Before we took anything off of him, what I wanted my pet and I to do. Turning to Jani, I said "You and I are going to suck and lick his cock until he cums. *If* you get any of His cum in your mouth,  you are *not* to swallow but feed it back to me. Understood?"
"Yes Miss." Jani said smiling, kissing me and rubbing her naked breasts over mine. Something in our shared smile, eye contact, made me certain that she and I were both looking forward to tasting him.
Down on our knees in front of Him, we started licking, kissing and sucking each side of His cock, and when reaching the tip circling our tongue around the head, and each other's tongues and kissing and taking turns swallowing him. He was groaning and rocking his hips - I could feel his was close. We were both mouthing the tip when he started to come and then he grabbed my hair and fucked my mouth hard, letting me swallow almost all his delicious load. He had cum just a little bit on our lips before he had grabbed me. Jani, knowing what I wanted wiped the cum off my chin and brought it to my lips and then presented her lips and cheek so I could lick it off of her. I think he enjoyed watching our exchange because he was already starting to get hard again.
"I want you to eat Jani's pussy. Jani, get on the bed and lay back for your Miss." He said, taking control of the room.
"Yes Sir," Jani replied crawling up and spreading her legs wide. It was my first real look at another woman in the flesh.
"Get up there, be my good girl and make her cum. That's it... I want your ass up in the air so i can fuck it while you taste your first pussy. That's my good girl... " He coos to me spreading my cum all  over my asshole. I lean in, I can see how wet she is, I try to think of how I like it as i take my first teasing lick. It's amazing. The soft flesh, the warm earthy smell and taste. I'm exploring. Licking, sucking short strokes, looong licks. He starts to ease in and I push myself back onto him, groaning into her pussy. My face is covered in her cum. She's got one hand wrapped in my hair and he is digging into my hips. My cunt is throbbing. Lapping at Jani's pussy, she is starting to buck and he, reaches and around and rubs my clit, making me double my efforts and fuck myself frantically on his cock. Jani tenses and cry's out putting me in a head lock and I cum, lost in the sensations and can feel him ram deeply into me also shouting out his release, feeling his hot cum shooting into me. God, nothing feels like he does.
I crawl up beside Jani and kiss her on the mouth, and she licks and kisses and sucks her own cum from my lips and face. He curls up behind me and hugs us all close. I have decided I love being in the middle. After a lovely cuddle, Jani sits up and gives us both a kiss.


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