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IML 2012 Vendor List

Serafina and I are planning to make a quick road trip to Chicago sometime this upcoming weekend to check out the vendors at IML 2012.  Here's a listing (with associated links) of the different exhibitors to be found at IML2012 . . . 

Acme Toy Company - Evanston, IL
Adonis Leathercrafters  -  Indian Rock Beach, FL
ALT.KILT  -  Madison, WI
Andre Whips by Ms. V  -  Quebec City, Quebec
Aneros  -  Houston, TX
Balls and Chains  -  Los Angeles, CA
BDG Sales  -  Tamaqua, PA
Bear Ink  -  Augusta, GA
Bear Skin Rug-ged  -  Safety Harbor , FL  -  Indianapolis, IN  -  Indianapolis, IN
Bernie's big bags  -  Highland Park, IL
Bijou  -  Chicago, IL
Bootleg Life  -  Berwyn, IL
Bootwerks  -  Fort Lauderdale, FL
Boy Butter  -  New York, NY  -  Indianapolis, IN
Centaur Entertainment  -  Fort Lauderdale, FL  -  Portage, IN
Chicago Hellfire Club  -  Chicago, IL
City of Chicago Dept. of Health  -  Chicago, IL
CJ's Leather  -  Denver, CO
Creative Filth Photography  -  Chicago, IL
Cumunion  -  San Francisco, CA
Dr. Clockworks Electrical Oddities  -  Lebanon, NJ
Dungeon Beds LLC  -  San Francisco, CA
E7 Gear  -  Mt. Vernon, NY
Eagle Leathers  -  Chicago, IL
Exotic- Erotics  -  Shelbyville, KY
Factory Video  -  San Francisco, CA
Fetiche Armada  -  Montreal, Quebec
Folsom Street  -  East New York, NY
Folsom Street Events  -  San Francisco, CA
Fort Troff  -  Atlanta , GA
Gay Naturists International (GNI)  -  Tuscon, AZ
Gear Essentials  -  Minneapolis, MN
GLBT Writers Booth  -  Chicago, IL
Got Kilt  -  White Lake, MI
Hands for Hire Massage  -  Niles, IL
Hard Points  -  Madison, WI
Heartwood Whips  -  Berkeley, CA
HIV Vaccine Trials Network  -  Chicago, IL
Howard Brown Health Center  -  Chicago, IL
iCandee Apparel  -  Chicago, IL
ID Lube  -  Santa Ana, CA
Inside Out  -  Radford, VA
Instigator Magazine  -  Los Angeles, CA
Jewelry By Ponce  -  Happy Valley, OR
Jock Strap Art  -  Chicago, IL
KillerBob Grahpics  -  San Francisco, CA
Le Chateau Exotique  -  New Hope, PA
Leather Archives and Museum  -  Chicago, IL
Leather Bonding  -  N. Miami, FL
Leather by Danny  -  Bos6y6yt65ton , MA
Leather Masters  -  Dallas, TX
LeatherSmith  -  Albuquerque, NM
Leatherwerks  -  Fort Lauderdale, FL
Lucom USA  -  Miami Beach, FL
MAFIA  -  Chicago, IL
Manhunt  -  Cambridge, MA
Marvelous Mayhem  -  Snellville, GA  -  Houston, TX
Mister B
Mister International Rubber (MIR)  -  Chicago, IL
MISTER: The App for Adult Men  -  New York, NY
Mr. Friendly  -  Kalamazoo, MI
Mr. Hyde's Custom Leathers  -  New Orleans, LA
Mr. S Leathers  -  San Francisco, CA
Nasty Pig  -  New York, NY
Next Door Magazine  -  New York, NY
NKPS Media -  -  San Bernadino, CA
Northbound Leathers  -  Toronto, Ontario
NY Jox  -  North Bergen, NJ
Obscure Belts  -  Kenosha, WI
Off Ramp Leathers  -  Palm Springs, CA  -  Chicago, IL
Owhips  -  Hickory, NC
Paddles of Distinction  -  Wausau, WI
Paddlewerks  -  Fort Lauderdale, FL
Passional Boutique  -  Philadelphia, PA
Pjur Group  -  Miami Beach, FL
Rage Rubber  -  St. Cloud, FL
Rainbow Rope  -  Oceanside, NY
Rapture Leather  -  Dearborn Heights, MI
Rebel X Clothing  -  Long Beach, CA  -  Chicago, IL
Rodco Lockergear  -  Pittsburgh, PA
Rough Trade  -  Los Angeles, CA
Rubio Leather  -  New York, NY
RUFF doggie styles  -  Bayshore, NY
Semmerling/Schaefer Mask  -  Chicago, IL
Shel-Don Chicago  -  Chicago, IL
SLS Specialty  -  Houston, TX
SquarePeg Toys  -  Idyllwild, CA
Steamworks  -  San Francisco, CA
Steel Mill Media  -  St. Cloud, FL
Steve Leather  -  New York, NY
Stompers Boots  -  San Francisco, CA
Tantus, Inc.  -  Sparks, NV
The Blonde Swan  -  Freemont , OH
The Kink Shop  -  Shreveport, LA
The Leather Journal  -  Los Angeles, CA
The Leatherman  -  New York, NY
The Stockroom  -  Los Angeles, CA
TLC Tugger Foreskin Restoration  -  Northbrook , IL
TLS Rubbergear  -  Houston, TX
Tom of Finland Foundation  -  Los Angeles, CA
Toolworks  -  Chicago Willowbrook, IL
Tribal Son  -  Fort Lauderdale, FL

Whew, that's a long list.  Although it's not likely that I'll want to spend much time at the display for TLC Tugger Foreskin Restoration, there are a lot of vendors there I would like to check out.  Who knows what goodies might be found at such an event?

ShibariCon 2012 is also in the Chicago region this Memorial Day weekend.  The list of vendors for ShibariCon is much shorter than IML2012, so it's not too likely we'd have the time or inclination to swing by the Hyatt Regency O'Hare to whet our shopping appetite, but ya never know . . . 


  1. Sounds like it'll be a fun road trip! Have a great time! Also, thanks very much for the links! We'll be checking out these companies!

  2. I'm still working through the list of links myself. We have friends who went and very much enjoyed the vendors last year, and they are invited to come along with us, so we should have a great time. Thanks for your comment . . .

  3. WTF! My sole reason for going is to visit TLC Tugger Foreskin Restoration, Nasty Pig and Jock Strap Art!


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