Tuesday, May 1, 2012

do it yourself

As a married man, as well as the proud Master of my darling slavegirl Serafina, I find that I do not personally have much need to masturbate. But, I'm also very much aware that not everyone is in as fortunate circumstance as I find myself . . .

For individuals with the need or inclination, May has been declared National Masturbation Month.

Here at Samadhi House, May has also become a different kind of do-it-yourself month, as our schedule for the next 4 weeks is going to revolve around a home improvement project.  

Just last month, my darling slave wife completed the last details of our kitchen refurbishing and remodeling, an ongoing project we started back in January.  It's very nice to be able to finally eat our meals in a beautiful eat-in kitchen!

This month's remodeling project won't be as leisurely an endeavor, as we are tackling the room that's destined to house our Dungeon Bed.  So, there's a strict deadline for completion, as the bed's due to arrive just after Memorial Day.  

The room we're working in is 12' by 18', and it needs everything, from painting to re-flooring.  Our complete budget will go towards materials, so we've got to do it all ourselves.  While that's not an impossible task, it is a daunting one.  I'm usually not one to take on home improvement projects with a deadline looming, but this is the only room that will do the Dore Alley Bed and it's associated sling extenders proper justice.  It simply has to be ready for the bed's arrival.

With all of that in mind, our online presence this upcoming month might be a little sparse.  After all, it's May, and my hands are pretty full . . . 


  1. Dear Sir,

    So mouse mentioned to O about May...He said he didn't need to do that, now that he has mouse...

    Perhaps follow-up questions are in order?


  2. Though we are married and have an incredibly active sex life, our sex drives are such that we masturbate as much as we possibly can. We just like having orgasms. Plus, for us masturbation fills a need of which sex isn't always capable of filling. We don't always have time to masturbate, but I think we're going to try for an orgasm a day this month. Just for fun.

    Your current home improvement project sounds great! We hope the bedroom remodel and the Dungeon Bed add lots of fun to your sex life! And few things in life are greater than a new kitchen!

    1. I remember days like those . . . :) Hope you folks have at least an O a day for May!


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