Thursday, April 26, 2012

You're Just Dreaming!

photo by Serifina Samadhi

I know I dream, but I can very seldom remember them; let alone use them as guidance.  I do know people who say they use dreams all the time and I wonder why and how they manage it, because It does not happen for me.
I do remember as a teen I had a lot of flying dreams, and occasionally I'd dream that I was on the very edge of a roof and there would be fire or tigers and lions ready to swallow me up.  Another one was that I would climb up and up and then be immobilized to move and be stuck in that dream what seemed like forever.

What is unique to your dreams?


  1. I can relate, often I don't remember my dreams well enough to "interpret" them. I do believe they are important and I've had instances when I can gather a meaning to take from it. For instance, some times I've dreamed where the name of a person kept popping up, a person I did not know or that didn't have much relevance to my life. However, I realized that often, that name would have the same initials of someone who is on my mind.

    That's just one example. I like to think about what my dreams might mean. Usually dreams for me let me understand what I really want or need, etc. Sort of takes my inhibitions down and lets me see what my spirit is really yearning for,

    Often, more times than not, I cannot remember my dreams well enough to ponder too much over them.

    Also, I dream a lot, during the day too, a day dreamer.

    I've missed reading along, thank you for the opportunity to ponder about dreams !


  2. serafina,

    Most times mouse doesn't recall her dreams. Omega is very good at symbolism so when the dream isn't obvious mouse will talk to him about it....

    He always thinks of things so differently than mouse. Recently, mouse had a very disturbing dream and Omega instantly put her thoughts to rest...yes the dream was a bit cautionary for mouse. So, in our case the dream may have been a timely reminder.


  3. I've always been fascinated by dream analysis. When I was younger I would write down as many details as I could remember and spend the day trying to interpret them. As a writer, I tend to use my characters' dreams as exposition or foreshadowing. It's a lot of fun to disseminate information to the reader in this way.


  4. Thank you! Such great contributions!
    I have a couple of books on dream interpretation, fascinating topic to be sure. I am also aware of instinct, or some call it gut feeling. They can intertwine with dreams as well. I wonder if one has developed sensitivity to the ability to listen to, or see with the third eye if that would help to remember dreams?


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