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Under Order by Sadey Quinn

Just days after my slave assignment I was approached by a fellow blogger to consider reading her first book.  I told her that I would be delighted to and she sent the copy of the first of 3 she has already produced.  And I told her I would evaluate her works honestly.

Sadey Quinn has a lot to offer.

The opening of the book was just a little disjointed and clunky.  I was immediately confused by trying to figure out who is Rudy, and who is the "ex".   It made far more sense when I re-read it upon completing the novel.

The story does straighten out and it was fairly simple to enjoy the story.  There are a lot of hot scenes there, some hotter than others.  In fact I think that if the book had opened with a hot hot scene then it would have made the entire book much more intense and appealing.  In particular there is a segment on page that has the following scene.   . . . . Had I read this it would be urgent to get into the rest of the story, because after reading that I would want to know how they arrived at such a steamy session.

The following excerpt from her book is so hot that if the book had began with that, I doubt that anyone would have the will-power to set it down.  Just imagine!  How would you not want to know where this had begun?
"He spun me around, taking in my body, before pulling me towards him for a kiss. He closed the door and pressed me up against it, a hand finding its way to my breast as he thrust his tongue into my mouth. It was not a tender kiss. His other hand made its way up my skirt and I squirmed underneath him, whining, knowing that he'd find my pussy sopping wet. His hand pulled my panties aside and without warning he thrust two fingers up my slit, making me grunt around his tongue which was still invading my mouth. He stopped kissing me and grabbed the nape of my neck, forcing me to look him in the eyes while he finger fucked my pussy in earnest. “Who's cunt is this, my little slut?” he asked, his voice husky. I felt his hard bulge on my belly. “Y.. yours, sir,” I managed to gasp, barely able to speak with him pounding me so hard. “I love that my cunt is wet and ready for me.”"

Sadey Quinn ~ Under Order 
Over all it was quite difficult for me to read the book, and the reason for that is that I can not wrap my mind into accepting all the demands and punishments, and that a brilliant graduate from law school would embrace all; - while not knowing this dude from Adam.  The reality is that it would be completely foolish to follow in her path.  I understand this is fantasy.  Had someone come to me in real time and asked if this behavior was OK, I would likely have launched a conversation about safety, and possibly sanity!

Back to this book.  I think it could benefit from additional BDSM Positives. . let me explain.  There are many scenes in which Heather is so vulnerable and self-doubting that the Momma in me wants to  rescue the poor soul.  She longs for compassion and tenderness but she gets nothing of that.  Instead she is humiliated, and debased beyond belief.  I do understand why the liberated feminists would have a field-day with that.  I wished that there was more exploration about how she was processing with a balance of "what the hell?"   with "oh fuck yes!"

I think this book has a lot of potential even still.  Master Michael who is himself a writer acknowledged that what Miss Quinn needs is an editor.  There were a number of minor grammatical errors however they did not detract from the writings, but a nit-picker might go nuts!

 My kink, Your kink, His kink, Their kink
Picture source unknown

 "If, for example, I see my neighbor's slave sneaking a smoke outside, and I know she's not allowed to smoke, I can discipline her a bit and then turn her in for more punishment when he gets home. On the lighter side, when I'm taking my morning stroll, I'm welcome to smack her on the ass as she's taking her morning Get it?” I gulped, nodding."
Sadey Quinn ~ Under Order 

My quirks and inhibitions differ from almost everyone else.  I am OK with that.  I can enjoy a read that is not my particular color.   Thank you for the opportunity!



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