Friday, April 27, 2012

travelling back to Gor - Master's Bookshelf (pt. 1)

Serafina and I lived many years as caregivers for my elderly Mother who was ill and infirm for the better part of the last decade.  For more than three years we maintained our own residence, but I only ate my lunches there, as it was conveniently located close to my work (you know - the office with the view I mentioned in Prelude to THE Kiss.)

It was hard to give up our own home with beautifully refinished hardwood floors (compliments of Serafina) and real oak woodwork throughout, but it never made economic sense to leave it uninhabited, and Blissful Torment (who was still partial owner) refused to sign off on allowing tenants.

So we reluctantly packed up belongings and moved.  We were forced to move our full three bedroom home's worth of belongings (including full attic, basement, and 2 car garage) into less than half of the actual space of Mom's small 1970's split foyer residence.

Obviously, many things remained in storage, packed away in boxes, stored in the rafters of Mom's garage, stuffed in corner of a shed, stacked along the wall of the basement.  My best book collections made it to my antique glass front bookshelves, a family heirloom I've prized since childhood, but John Norman's Gor series has never exactly fit the description of being among my best books.

I'm not trying to rain on the parade of anyone who's in absolute love with the Gor series, as I certainly know it has more than it's share of adherents.  But in my house some rules are simple, paperback books don't sit behind antique glass that originally decorated the offices of the President of the Union State Bank.  So, the world of Gor languished in boxes, packed there by a angry Blissful Torment who didn't care for the series.  It likely had been as far back as 1998 when those books last saw the light of day.

They are out of their boxes now, I'm rereading the series one by one.  I'm actually finding it more enjoyable the second time around . . .

What are your feelings, my dear reader, about Gor?


  1. I love the series and I own the entire collection. I read this book in the 9th grade. I even consider myself a Gorean.


    1. I very much appreciate your addition to this conversation!

      While I don't consider myself a Gorean, I do enjoy the series as a fun escape to a fantasy realm, the books are always a quick and fun read . . .

      thanks again for your comment!

  2. Sir,

    Oh dear, mouse is going to be in the minority but she hated it. Now, mouse should preface this with she doesn't care much for fantasy to begin with. From The Hobbit to Harry Potter, mouse just doesn't care for it...Really doesn't even care for SciFi type fiction either....

    There does take a certain creative mind to create a whole new world...and mouse does respect that but really doesn't care to read it....Now mouse does LOVE Star Trek and watched every TV show and movie...Really!

    Now, after Alpha died and the internet was coming into it's own mouse heard of the Gor books. The whole Gor lifestyle that had alluded her. Out of shear curiosity she did read one. Just one and got only through the first chapter.

    It was just too poorly written.

    Now, while mouse can see the draw to it as a "lifestyle" but mouse has always rather viewed it similar to be the people that show up at Comic Con dressed as a Klingon. There are those that go too far into the whole thing...

    But at the end of the day, whatever floats your boat.


    1. Well, if you don't like Fantasy / Science Fiction then I can perfectly well understand why the Gor books would appeal to you my dear mouse . . .

      It's interesting that you enjoy Star Trek but not other fantasy, as the best online friend I had during the "AOL Era" back when I first went online was a submissive lady from Texas who had been so much into Star Trek that she'd been part of organizing their initial fan conventions. She personally knew the original cast and shared a lot of fascinating stories, like the time Leonard Nimoy tried to give her his hotel room key as a birthday present . . .

  3. I own them all, but I've only read the first one so far. I thought it was absolutely adequate. I'm a pretty sporadic reader so who knows when or if I'll ever finish the series. Right now I'm working on One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish.

    1. hahahahaha . . . good one!

      at least you are reading classic literature written by a Dr . . . . :)

    2. I read them at the impressionable age of 12, and practiced kneeling and saying "La Kajira" - you know, just in case I was transported to Alter-Earth!! You might say it formed my original BDSM leanings. The books are dreadfully written, but I have read all of them, many times.

      Never liked the online Gorean world, hated the "real life" Gorean people who were, to a one, posers and players. I was trying to make it real, they were role-playing. That tattooed kef on my left thigh is a give-away to people who know, but since my name also starts with a K, it is easily explained. My husband and one-time master has a tatoo of a kneeling slave on his back, with the K tattoo on her thigh. He and I met in a "Gorean" room.

      But last year, I discovered how much money I could make on EBay by selling the entire intact collection, and it is gone. Since I can quote most of them from heart, not really much of a loss!!


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