Wednesday, April 4, 2012

this Purple Mamba will bite!

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A pair of true Beauties!
self-photo by Serafina Samadhi - caption by Michael
I've posted before about my love of floggers and flogging, so it should come as no great surprise for you, my dear reader, to learn that my most recent BDSM related purchase is yet another flogger. And let me tell you, this one's a beauty.

I tried a new flogger maker for this purchase, Snake Pit Leather Works, and although I only brought my purchase home from the post office a few days ago, I've had enough time to carefully inspect the quality and workmanship of my new tool.

I am impressed!

My flogger collection is fairly extensive. Although a few of the oldest of my "impliments of instruction" came from unknown sources, all the rest were custom made for me by one of two established flogger artisans, Adam and Gillian or Happy Tails. Both of those flogger makers produce high quality products, beautifully designed and wonderfully functional.

But, I have to say, as well as my previous purchases serve my needs, my new Snake Pit Leather Works (SPLW) flogger looks to be the best of the collection. It's truly a piece of art. Of course I still love all of my older "implements of instruction", but when it comes time to purchase my next flogger, I'll be contacting Nancy at SPLW.

The flogger I commissioned is called the Purple Mamba. Most of my more recent flogger purchases had fallen on the more sensuous side of the flogger spectrum, so I wanted something heavier for this purchase. While looking around online at my various options, I showed Serafina the two pictures from SPLW's website that accompany this post (far bottom), and she fell in love with the Purple Mamba's look.

The tresses or "falls" are a nice heavy bullhide, and, as might be expected from this particular flogger's name, they are colored a beautifully deep shade of purple. Despite being a heavier and thicker leather, the feel of this bullhide is still fairly soft and almost buttery. Running my fingers through the Mamba's tresses is truly a sensuous delight.

The flogger's handle is very tightly and well braided, a real work of artistry. This is what really sets this offering from SPLW apart from the other flogger maker's I've previously frequented. Adam and Gillian's "signature" flogger handles use very different styles and materials than SPLW, so a direct comparison isn't really possible, it's "apples and oranges".

Happy Tail's floggers are made with a similar style handles, so a really meaningful comparison is possible, and I have to say that this is where the SPLW really shines in comparison. The braiding on the SPLW handle is significantly tighter and very much neater in overall appearance. The pictures don't even do it justice!

While this may very well be the most handsome flogger in my case, I don't purchase "implements of instruction" solely for their looks, what matters most is how they perform. Let me tell you, the Purple Mamba by SPLW truly delivers as beautifully as it looks.

I should, however, include one note of caution. Although it's very well balanced, this is a relatively heavy flogger, as bullhide is a thicker leather with significant heft. I didn't use a scale to measure relative weights, but this is the heaviest flogger in my collection.

I love the Purple Mamba's weight and feel. But, it's worth noting that I'm six feet tall and over 200 pounds. Smaller and lighter individuals with less upper body strength will probably tire relatively quickly when using this implement.

The bullhide tresses are weighty enough to produce a very significant thud. When "testing" a new flogger, I always use it on myself first, on an arm and/or a leg. I also will test it thrown over one of my shoulders, much as I've observed Christian penitents performing their own rituals.

It was the "over the shoulder" test that let me feel how this flogger will perform when swung with any real authority. SPLW's Mamba is a nice heavy beast with lots of thud, it can produce sensations much like being lightly punched by very soft fists, like a sudden deep massage.

Interestingly, there's also at least a little bite thrown into the mix of sensations. Despite it's almost buttery feel, the Mamba's bullhide is just stiff enough, the edges of the individual tresses just sharp enough, the textured top grain of the hide just rough enough, that some bite is inevitable.
the strike of the Purple Mamba 
(photo by Serafina Samadhi)
When it's all tallied up, Purple Mamba is a heavy and fairly serious implement of instruction. When wielded strongly, this offering from Snake Pit Leather Works has the potential to be rather punishing. This isn't soft leather taken from Bambi's ilk, it once adorned a mean old bull. There's no escaping that origin, no matter how buttery the finished hide might feel to the touch.

In my experience, it's pretty rare to find this delicious mix of both thud and bite in a single device. Most floggers elicit one sensation much more strongly than the other, but the Mamba delivers both with authority. With a little care, or when wielded by the arm of an experienced flogger who understands nuance, it can also be a sensuous delight.

For a bottom/sub/slave into heavy sensations, this flogger can be used at will during a session, anytime from warm up to cool down, and all times in between. Other individuals, ladies like my Serafina for instance, will likely find this particular flogger a touch too heavy for the very beginning of a session, but should love it after being "warmed up" with a softer and more sensuous implement of instruction.

When it's all said and done, the Purple Mamba is a very special, and very versatile flogger. I think it's safe to predict that it's destined to become one of my personal favorites. Thank you Nancy for creating this work of art! is not associated or affiliated with Snake Pit Leather Works in any manner or form.  The reviewed Purple Mamba flogger was purchased at regular retail price, and no compensation of any form has been exchanged in return for this review.  The two photos that "bookend" this disclaimer are from the Snake Pit Leather Works website, and are used here for review and demonstration purposes only.


  1. This looks like a must have, thanks for sharing.

    1. You are welcome my dear! It's a beautiful flogger - my ONLY regret is that I didn't find Snake Pit Leather Works sooner!

  2. Dear Sir,

    While mouse didn't mind riding crops, single tails, even the cane...really...really....hated floggers. Omega had a couple completely nasty ones, and mouse would just be undone the moment she'd see them or feel it..

    Still shivering,

    1. Oh Mouse!! You really must try a lambskin one. It is so gentle that Master flogs my breasts with as hard swings as he can and it does not hurt or sting the slightest. When we first got it he attacked my butt as much force as he could. . and he's a pretty big guy, and the most it could do was slap ever so softly.

      I love floggers that thud. . feels like a massage! We have a number now that even you could like. . we will share them soon, OK?

      And yes the bull hide one is one that can be quite nasty. The power is there for the one wielding it. Anything can be sensual or stingy and bitey.

    2. oh dear Mouse,

      Floggers are my favorite because they are so versatile. No shivers necessary, unless they are wanted!

      Our lambskin flogger isn't much thicker than chamois cloth, I purchased it specifically for use on breasts (and between the legs) as the tresses are so light that they make more sound than anything.

      Deerskin floggers are also VERY sensuous, I can swing it as hard as I want and it's not going to ever bruise or cut, it's mostly sound with little fury. Our goatskin flogger is also very sensuous, just a little heavier than the deer.

      Slightly denser hides like Moose or Elk can also be quite sensuous, they are just heavy enough for a little thump, but there really isn't much sting. I "warm up" Serafina with the deer and goat, them move to Moose and Elk for the "main event".

      Cow and bull hides are usually denser than moose or elk, but there's a lot of variation depending on how the leather is tanned etc . . . They are usually more severe in effect than the other wild animal alternatives I've mentioned.

      The most severe flogger I own has 9 very thin neoprene tresses. This flogger will cause bruising, and I imagine it could leave some pretty severe little blood blister type wounds if wielded with full force. Just a little flick of the wrist is enough to make Serafina jump!

      Right now the new bullhide flogger is the "heaviest" leather . . . Serafina loves the thump it delivers, but the leather is sharp enough to also bite, so if she had her way I'd use it on her over clothing (hahahahaha) . . .

    3. Dear Sir and serafina,

      Omega being the sadist he was owned two floggers that mouse knew of, both were leather and tipped with say they had a bite is an understatement...they were in mouse's most humble opinion downright evil.

      Seriously, mouse was thrilled to see those go.


    4. If I were you I'd have been thrilled to see those go too! Ouchie!

      I'm a sadist but I guess I'd be described as a sensual sadist. I like to use my floggers for long extended sessions, so metal tipped floggers would only defeat my purpose, as my subject couldn't last as long under the attentions of such a beast. When it comes to flogging, I'm like to be the energizer bunny - keep going and going . . . .

      big hugs,

  3. I love this flogger. The color alone stole my attention. I agree there is nothing quite as nice as the heavy thud of a flogger.
    Having said all that though I must admit the most delightful image in the picture is the lovely Serafina.

    Thank you for share the beauty of them both :)

    1. You are very welcome, and I do agree, my Serafina is delightfully beautiful!


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