Wednesday, April 4, 2012

poll - not the political kind!

In case you hadn't noticed, my dear reader, there is a new poll on top of the sidebar here at our humble blog.  Considering that I'm writing an ongoing series of postings about gags, it should come as no great surprise that this poll is about . . . . (no drum roll necessary) . . . gags.

I'll never get tired of gags, but if you are like me, you are probably tired of polls right now.  Everywhere we go here in the US these days we are bombarded with poll numbers, polling phone calls, straw polls, perhaps even a poll tax, not to mention the dreaded exit poll coming out of your voting place.

The only consolation I can offer, in asking you to participate in yet another poll, is that a poll about gags isn't going to feature any debates, the candidates are mute!  There aren't going to be any nasty commercials either, you might say that a "gag order" has been placed on the entire subject.

And, using our own unique Samadhi House rules for polling, you can choose as many "candidates" as you might like.  Vote for one gag, two gags, or even every gag if you wish.

As they say in Chicago, "Vote Early and Vote Often" . . . 
No we aren't "rocking the vote" but I promise to give Serafina some rockin' and rollin' a lil later!


  1. Aside from the penis gag....mouse's all time favorite is just when Omega tells mouse to "be still."

    For us in many ways its more effective than a gag...


  2. You know, that would be Serafina's favorite too, I'm sure. The irony of my writing the series on gags is that Serafina's not really too fond of them in general.

    I do very much love pushing limits, so her not being enamored of gags isn't an obstacle, it's an opportunity!

    big hugs,
    big Mike


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