Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Givers we love with a gift we don't

Most of us have been a recipient of a gift that was really unwanted and possibly even hated.  Sometimes it might not be the gift as much as  we object to  the giver.    What did you eventually do with your white elephant? Did you re-gift it? send it back? or sell it at a yard sale?

 If you can't think of a single time when you have received an albatross, did you ever give someone a gift that was under-appreciated?


  1. I often find the whole gift exchange around the holidays to be meaningless and, frankly, annoying. Forced gift-buying is not fun (unless I think creatively about some BDSM type scenarios!).

    That said, when I receive a gift that is outside of holiday season, it's usually perfect for me. The giver thought of me when they saw it, or made it, and therefore I'm almost guaranteed to love it. These gifts are really special...

  2. Serafina,

    It's true, mouse gets a few of those unexpected wonders each year. Some are nice but just don't "fit in" with her life. It makes mouse just feel terrible. With less important (read general people) mouse will often regift to someone else she feels will appreciate it more. Others are often stored (read family) and dragged out when they visit.

    It's a rather touchy subject around here...



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