Thursday, April 5, 2012

floggin' floggers - Tool Talk (pt 1)

Samadhi House Floggers (photo by Serafina Samadhi)
Have I said before that I absolutely love floggers and flogging?  This is the one fetish activity I think that I could literally do to anyone who desired a flogging, regardless of their sexual expression or orientation, regardless of their body size or shape.

Yes, regardless of any of those "minor details", I could get a kick out of flogging you, your sister, your brother, your Father or Mother, if your children are of age to consent, and they wished to feel the touch of my lash, I'd enjoy giving it to them too.

Now, before anyone gets concerned for the welfare of their parents, siblings, or children, I should point out that my wild and wanton flogging desires are always kept under complete control.  I'm hardly some kind of psychopathic serial flogger, as I can literally count the number of individuals who have felt the bite of my lash on my two hands, with perhaps a finger, or even two to spare.

In order to earn a flogging here at Samadhi House, you've got to request it, and I actually prefer to hear at least a little sincere begging.  Not to worry though, they really are worth all the trouble, as my array of floggers can produce most any sensation, from mild to wild . . .

Not only am I an aficionado of the fine art of flogging, I'm also a collector of fine floggers for practicing my art.  What I can't count on my two hands is the number of floggers in my collection.  The current home for my floggers, a converted DVD case, is pictured above, albeit a bit blurred.

I have decided to become more dedicated in making posts sharing my BDSM tool collection.  Through the years, I've amassed a pretty amazing array of implements, and it seems that it's high time I shared my many blessings, at least vicariously, with you my dear reader.

Please note that I very deliberately avoid calling any part of my collection "toys", as this isn't child's play.  While the term "play" or "playing" may be commonly used to refer to BDSM scenes in other circles, that's not how Serafina or I refer to our activities.

We don't "play" BDSM . . . We live it . . .

And that's the real reason your families are safe from my lash.  Serafina knows my many talents as a dominant, as her Master, quite intimately.  She very much enjoys my attentions, even when the sensations I create are more extreme, and she's not exactly itching to share.  (Not that I blame her.)

Perhaps someday, if the time arrived where we found an individual desiring to submit to us both, in service and in love, a slave to serve us both, to share together as Master and Mistress; such a reward might be worthy of the price paid in sharing her Master.  Meaning - unless you or your family are applying for that slave position at Samadhi House, I can assure you, my dear reader, that everyone else is quite safe.

So, the only way I can really share my flogger collection (not to mention all my other lovely tools) is to give you a virtual tour here, at our web home.  I'm not going to write reviews in the standard sense, as I won't be talking about packaging or my ordering experience, I just can't be bothered with so much of the other BS that's common in toy reviews I keep encountering these days.

But as is typical with men, I'm willing to talk about my tools.  Entire TV shows have been based around that concept, careers made . . .

Well, my name's not Tim, and my sidekick's name is Serafina not Al.  I can also promise to always endeavor to avoid parroting copyrighted show names too closely, as a sign of respect (cough cough) . . .

With that said, nothing changes the universality of gender stereotyping that continually reassures me that guys are always happy to talk about our tools.

Meaning, I have to ask . . .

"If I show you mine, will you show me yours?"
Samadhi House - Bookshelf Display (photo by Serafina Samadhi)


  1. Dear Sir,

    Omega used to love his tools also. But things needed to change. Since we don't do pain anymore, or anything close to it...

    Much of the stuff was sold and there were a few things that mouse shed no tears seeing go. He did keep a few pieces of great sentimental value.


    1. Do you ever watch Southpark? (cartoon)

      I just had a Chef moment and I want to say - "Aww fudge childrens"

      I just wrote a long reply, with all sorts of ponderings about the evolution of relationships as well as a philosophical look at the application of pain in the making of a slave . . .

      then I clicked on Conina's reply below - thinking I'd give a more brief answer there before finishing off my reply to you - and everything was gone!

      "Aww fudge childrens!"

  2. I love tools. Not just the kind you're talking about, but the others, too.

    I'm not a man, but I love to talk about my tools. I have no fewer than six cordless drills for different applications, and I wouldn't mind a few more.

    Anyway - I'm fond of the sex-related tools too, but that probably stems from my love for any sort of tool. I keep wanting to share, but taking good photographs of these sorts of tools in a shared household that includes a 4-year old is pretty difficult.

    1. While I love my BDSM tools, you'd have to talk to Serafina about our other power tools, hahaha. She's the keeper of our hand appliance tools, as they also compliment her very extensive set of miniature tools and routers for making Faberge eggs and doll house miniatures.

      We don't quite match your array of cordless drills, but I think there's something like half a dozen different dremel tools. We do have 4 different cordless drills (Serafina just told me) but my favorite is still an ancient corded drill with a metal casing that belonged to my Grandpa. It's got torque baaaaby!

      We're very fortunate, we make no attempt to hide toys or our lifestyle once we are inside our abode. Serafina's children are grown and in another country, I have none. Our very long term commitment to being a caregiver for my Mom, not to mention the break up of our previous triad, was very isolating.

      All of my business partners live in much nicer homes within a few blocks of each other, in another state, the better part of an hour's drive from here . . . If there's going to be socializing related to business, it's not going to be here . . .

      So we're free to decorate and do as we please in regard to our BDSM predilections . . . We aren't "out" in the community where we live, but I don't want my neighbors asking to borrow my floggers either, so that works rather well for me . . .

    2. Serafina - have you ever done any leather work? I found that one of our favorite floggers was one made of soft white leather that I had made. Not high craftsmanship, I guess it was the thought that counted!

    3. Interesting that you should ask, Kate! I collected info on how to braid the handles, as well as how to make a turkshead. I need to modify a leather dress and am waiting on a tool for that. other than that I once had a leather kit and I very much enjoyed tooling leather and working with it.

      Master likes to collect things and enjoys the workmanship from diverse sources. Who am I to discourage his wonderful personality? And I am so busy otherwise right now that it is difficult to find time just for fun. So I am leaving flogger creation alone. . . for now!


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